Using your Biggest Sex Organ

A girl can't spend all her time between the sheets. Sometimes a book is a nice diversion and this one is as fun as it gets. Once you get over the silly title it's another interesting book from Mary Roach who's previous book, Stiff ( as in dead....not as in... well you know) was a book I found when we went to the somewhat shocking Bodies exhibit when it made it's way to Atlanta a few years ago.

In the same engaging style as Stiff, Mary looks at the world of sexual research with any eye towards the absurd and a flair for the funny. If your brain tends toward your facts with a dose of fun on the side this books makes a nice read and makes it clear that we still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding the interplay between whats between our legs and our largest and best sex organ, our brains.

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bitter betty said...

Now... that will get a couple of closer looks if I read it poolside at the spa this weekend.