Vintage pillowcase hanger covers

Above is one of my many formal gowns that use to get quite a work out. Just about every month we had one formal charity event or another to go to. And while some people loath these events I found them to be a wonderful time to dress up and go out with the ever so handsome Dr. Anarchy. He in this tux and me in my spanx/formal dress had a wonderful time acting as if we were carefree folk with neither children or a cat with reflux for at least a couple of hours a month. But alas with the financial crisis that has gripped the nation the number of fancy/formal charity events has become almost non existent and my gowns languish in my closet actually developing dust on the shoulders. ( Beleive me when I say I know how serious this is and I do not mean to make light of people who are having a very hard time with all the changes that have taken place over the last year, I count my lucky stars each day and say a prayer for each and every family who has been hurt by these trying financial times)

In an effort to save these gowns from a dusty fate I decided to make some hanger covers in the style that graced my grandmother's closet oh so many years ago.
This is pretty easy but I shot a couple of pictures so you could see what I did. First I took the hanger and traced off a pattern onto the fabric which I doubled and folded in two. In this case I used a vintage pillowcase thus I did not have to hem this quick and easy project ( always thinking!) Notice the little tab at the top.. this gets tucked in thus giving a finished edge to the hanger head opening.

Before sewing the front and back together I added a bit of rick rack for embellishment.. perfect match hu?.. Vintage pillowcase + vintage rick rack = perfect match!
So .. you then sew the front and back together, turn outside out, tuck in the little tab things at the top, give it all a quick press and then slip it over the hanger/ dress for a dust free return to the closet. I miss you fancy dress... hope to see you again real soon!

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Claire said...

Ooo, super neat. Way to go mommy.