A little garden tour

Since the time we moved into this house I have envisioned it with a large cottage garden.. lush, colorful and very homey. Over the years I made tiny attempts at this but never got very far. Well this year we decided to go whole hog and put in a new driveway and really do the yard up right. So money was discussed, heart meds were taken when bids came back at numbers bigger than sending children to ivy league schools, plans were redrafted and final plans were made.

We had hooked up with a great landscaper but quickly came to understand that we could afford for him to do the hard scape and after that I was going to be my own day labor if I was going to be able to do any planting at all this year. So in went the new driveway and pathways and then I went to work. I was at the local plant nursery so often they knew me by name! This post is photo intense so I downsized the pics...if you want to see better click on the photo to enlarge it.

This is a shot from the left hand side of the driveway looking at the front bed pointing towards the house. It features a couple of rose bushes and multiple perennials and a few annuals for good measure. These photos were taken last week.. already some of them plants are double their size and filling in quite well. I am loving the window boxes but they were a HUGE splurge. They are vintage French hay cribs that I have then lined with coco mat and back filled with soil and plants. They have to be watered each day or they totally wilt.

The front yard is completely bordered in beds that I am filling as I can. There are roses on the fences and lillies in the beds. In total there is almost 200 running feet of bed in the yard.
Looking towards the front of the house and over looking the crushed rock pathway done by the landscapers.
Undone projects lurk in this photos.. the concrete area under the urn still needs to be rocked and the open space still needs a few plants. Over all I am very happy with how everything is coming along and since 90% is perennial I hope for an even bigger show next year! :)


barbara said...

It looks really great. If landscapers there are anything like here, you are probably going to be a lot happier with the results by doing the plants yourself - you probably know just as much if not more about gardening. I bet it will be spectacular next year!

Brenda Lou said...

Oh, wow!!!! Your garden is stunning! I can barely keep up with mine and it's only 1/4 of yours! LOL