Pass the Marshmellows!

I had meant to post this up an age ago. For Greg's birthday party he had a camp-out theme and to go with that he made everyone their own personal roasting stick. He used a felled branch from one of our trees from which he stripped the bark and then cut up into hand sized handles. He then lightly sanded them to make sure they were smooth. We then drilled holes in the end into which we inserted 18 inch long heavy gauge wire lengths. This was a nice tight fit and gets even tighter as the branch dries and gets even tighter. WE bend the wires at 90 Degrees at the end to make them a bit safe with the added bonus that it keeps the mellows on a bit better!

Greg then put eye screws into the free end and then added loops of ribbon for hanging. We keep ours out by the fire pit for easy use since I am nothing if not all about the Smore!

BUT... if this is all just TOOOOOO crafty for you.. heads up!.. This week at the TARGET Dollar Spot I spotted telescopic mellow roasters for $1. A sweet deal for a sweet treat!

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