Playing with Fire

I have no idea where the week has gone.. let's all pretend it's Wednesday ..OK? And being that it's WEDNESDAY I want to introduce you to a hot little secret of mine... soy based massage candles... yes indeed. There is no nicer way to enjoy a bit of "grown up time" than by starting with a massage. And while oil or lotion work well enough there is something really sexy about using the soy candle wax dripped straight from the tin for the start of a good time.

It's easy, burn the candle, blow out the flame and drizzle the melted soy wax on your partner for a sensual massage. Soy melts at a lower temperature so you won’t get burned. Whether you want to soothe, invigorate or ignite your partner’s passion all it takes is one of these babies!

Now don't go off and try this with just any soy candle since many are made with things that might irritate your more private skin.. look to places like Good Vibrations and such for products meant for skin play. Make sure to store your soy candle some place cool and dark when not in use... even strong sun in my bedroom window will start mine to melting. Have fun.. be naughty!

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