My body aches and my house looks like there was some sort of home invasion but I have gotten a lot of work done on the new school room and my new studio while the boys were out of town ( they return today!) I will not dwell on what did not get done but instead will show you what did . The above handles reside on my newly made over crafting hutch. To understand what a makeover this was you would have needed to see it in it's original form... First, it's very tall.. 7.5 feet and it's big.. my arm span. Next, it was left here by my MIL when she moved to the nursing home ( she has since passed) It was dark oak, brass hardware, brass and glass shelves and beveled glass inlaid doors. Perfect for a little old lady and her Hummels but not for me!
So, I removed the glass in the doors and the side and the glass shelves, primed the whole thing and then painted it a dusky french blue. I inserted heavy wooden shelves and wooden panels in the side walls where I had removed the glass. I papered the inside with one of my favorites from Waverly ( ouch!.. that was expensive, but very worth it) Then for the front doors I inserted real wire screen for the look of a pie safe. ( honest disclosure here.. I had wanted to do chicken wire but got tired of trying to get it to fit. After the third time it curled back and smacked me in the face with those vicious little barbs I heaved it out onto the front porch and went with the screen!) I could not be more happy with it and it has been well worth my time this week!

You will notice that the walls are not yet painted and the new flooring is no where to be seen so until then a real tour of the room is not forth coming but check back in a day or so and I will show you how the Thrift gods smiled down on me this week! Plus, I will be having a giveaway!

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I love it!!!
Yeah, I'm still here...and alive. Long story. Let's Do email! :-)