The Thrift God's Smiled upon me

Some of you might have caught sight of this in my last post. I found it on Monday when I went to my local thrift for a quick run through. I nearly squealed in delight ( actually I might have actually squealed, given the funny looks people were giving me!) as I ran over and snatched up this beauty and hugged it to my chest. I have always wanted one but the price has always been more than I thought right given that I don't exactly have a lot of real uses for an antique baby scale! I ran into a pink one last year that was well over $100 at my local antique shop. This one was priced for $14... THAT was a price that made it mine!

The amazing part is that it was a dead on match for the color I painted my new hutch So obviously it was meant to be. Color me happy!

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Brenda Lou said...

That's awesome!!! It was just meant to be :)