Isn't she Lovely?

Not sure how I got so lucky to have given birth to a kid who is this beautiful both inside and out. And if you might give me just a moment to brag she is also totally freaking talented.

The hat perched on her head in such a fetching fashion is of her own creation and is for sale on her very own Esty that she runs with her fantastic business partner Abigail. On their Etsy The Blonde Chicks you will find all manner of cool things made and recreated with a flair that is beyond their years.

So..what do you think?

For those of you I have asked to stop by and have a look..thanks for doing so.. I appreciate your time and your thoughts. For those of you who have tripped on this post please also feel free to toss me your thoughts but please be kind ;-)
Gawd!.. I am nervous showing off some of my new work!.. but here it is. These are my new in-the-hoop embroidery designs ( if that means nothing to you don't worry.. ) Over all I am interested in what you think of how they look. As you can see it's a mama doll with an apron pocket sized just right for baby. I realize now that from these photos you you can't tell the scale of these dolls.. the mama doll is 7 inches tall and baby is 3.5.. just right for a little person to take to church or anyplace where they need to have a quite toy to play with. I know that I am going to sell the embroidery files for people with home embroidery machines but I have already had some interest in people buying the dolls already made up.. decisions.. decisions.
So what do you fine people think. The dolls are made of up-cycled fabric and stuffed with 100% wool roving. The doll featured has an apron made of vintage lace but some dolls with have coordinating fabric instead of lace. I am working on a more "boy" version of the doll combo and one with " twin" babies to mix it up a bit. Of course I will be mixing up hair and eye color along with fabric so no two dolls will look the same but mama baby will coordinate in some way each time. Thoughts about price?.. are they worth doing?.. should I pursue a table ( for next year) at our local Sunday market.. just stick with embroidery files?...
Thanks for your time and your feed back.. it means a lot to me! Love, Maddie


Oh...... can I tell you how much I love Artchix ??? Such divine supplies for endless forms of creative expression. Of late I am in love with their faux postage and feel and order coming on any time now. These birds charm the heck out of me and I am thinking that they might make a wonderful front for a journal/notebook kind of thing..what do you think?

Picnic Planning - Eco style

Finding a good eco-friendly way to bring food to a picnic can be a challenge but I have two new ways that are really making things quite easy. The first was scored at my local thrift shop.. it's a old bail style Ball canning car. More than large enough for a family sized portion of my favorite super easy carrot salad. The next is the most super cute set of Weck canning jars. This size if just perfect for individual portions of tabbouleh but I have also used them for portions of pudding or even cold cucumber soup! Of course you could use modern ball canning jars, and if you do.. choose these wide mouth style jars for ease of filling, not to mention they are so cute!
Transporting these jars is easy and the only extra precaution I take is weaving a thin dish towel between the jars to keep them from knocking into each other.
Super easy Carrot Salad:
Matchstick slice 1 bunch of carrots or buy pre-cut carrots if in a hurry. Quickly blanch carrots and then cool over ice. Drain and dry the carrots and then into the cut carrots add 1 generous tablespoon of lemon infused olive oil, a nice pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Pack carrots into a container and let sit in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours before serving ( if you can wait that long!.. these are so yummy!)