Picnic Planning - Eco style

Finding a good eco-friendly way to bring food to a picnic can be a challenge but I have two new ways that are really making things quite easy. The first was scored at my local thrift shop.. it's a old bail style Ball canning car. More than large enough for a family sized portion of my favorite super easy carrot salad. The next is the most super cute set of Weck canning jars. This size if just perfect for individual portions of tabbouleh but I have also used them for portions of pudding or even cold cucumber soup! Of course you could use modern ball canning jars, and if you do.. choose these wide mouth style jars for ease of filling, not to mention they are so cute!
Transporting these jars is easy and the only extra precaution I take is weaving a thin dish towel between the jars to keep them from knocking into each other.
Super easy Carrot Salad:
Matchstick slice 1 bunch of carrots or buy pre-cut carrots if in a hurry. Quickly blanch carrots and then cool over ice. Drain and dry the carrots and then into the cut carrots add 1 generous tablespoon of lemon infused olive oil, a nice pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Pack carrots into a container and let sit in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours before serving ( if you can wait that long!.. these are so yummy!)

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