Just need a little time to get my ducks and ducklings in order.. no worries!

Hex obsession

It might be heading towards the end of Summer but these sunny colors are all about the joy of season for me. I knew the minute I saw this little hexy project on a couple of my favorite blogs that I was going to have to give it a go!.. and what fun it has been. This project is so very easy to tote along when at the park, hanging with friends or just sitting and listening to the kids read to me. 1 zip lock bag, a needle , some thread, woven fabric scraps and the paper templates and you are ready to go. I chose to cut up some vintage sheets I had bought just for crafting and then not be to anal about how I placed them since I wanted it to feel really random.
If you would like to try this yourself read about it here at POSEY and then go here and create some hexagon graph paper for your templates ( choose 1.25 for your hex size).. and then go have some fun!

Lunch time obsession

I have never been a big fan of the store bought corn tortilla... I always found them to be dry and bitter, not to mention that they cracked when you went to roll them up. Well, no longer.. these La tortilla factory tortillas are everything a corn tortilla should be and then some! warmed with a bit of melted cheese of butter.. yuummmm... These are good enough to inspire trying to make our own some time soon. So far I have found this recipe.. with step by step photos... or this one featuring a very cool tortilla press! Do you have a good recipe to share?.. I am thinking that this will be a great project to do with the kids when we study about Mexico!

Counting down....

The days of August are quickly slipping away and before a blink of an eye it's going to be Sept. and time for us to start back to lessons. Today ( or what is left of it) is devoted to getting the kids schooling room up and running and planning out the rest of our school year. My goal is to have all things schooling ready to run by the end of the this week. Photos when I am all done!
In other news you will notice that we have added a new bird to our home.. since what's better with a new born kitten than a bird! ~sigh~. Please meet Athena, she is Sam's new love and she is an rare albino parakeet. Since this photo was taken she has started to turn pink.. much to our confusion. It seems that the little red bits in her food are enough to turn her pink in the same way flamingos turn pink from eating shrimp.. who knew!

How many ways can you spell SUCKER!

Guess what we got? He is looking pretty good here after 3 days of intensive hydration and today is his 1 week anniversary with us. He was part of a litter of 4 kittens that were abandoned at a local park.. They all would have died within hours out in the 100 degree heat , and in the end one did not make it but our family and another really swell guy have taken on their care and the three survivors are doing well. This is Bragg ( he was found at Ft. Bragg Park).. and he is now just a bit under a pound, eating well and has every chance of surviving at this point. So for those who are counting... that means we now have.. 6 cats, 3 dogs and 2 birds

6/9/11 update - The count is now 5 cats, 4 dogs and 1 bird - and still a whole bunch of crazy!

My Guy

Happy Anniversary guy.... you rock my world! 5K run yesterday ( go you!).. wrangling the kids today so I could have some time with the super great mom's who are part of my life.. well... what can I say, you are just the best! Looking forward to a whole lot more years with you!

"Burps" for a new baby

We will soon have a new baby in our homeschooling group so I have been busy making that sweet little bundle some burp cloths from pre-folded cloth diapers. I am totally in love with this little bird design I did. It's part of my new machine embroidery collection ... Sweet Charity over on my Fresh Thread website. No doubt he is a bit quirky... and his personality changes with each different fabric I use for his applique..but best of all he runs in 3 minutes start to finish giving me lots of time to make lots of burp cloths for the new baby!
For those who hand embroider... If you want a pattern copy just let me know and I will get it posted up for a free download!