Counting down....

The days of August are quickly slipping away and before a blink of an eye it's going to be Sept. and time for us to start back to lessons. Today ( or what is left of it) is devoted to getting the kids schooling room up and running and planning out the rest of our school year. My goal is to have all things schooling ready to run by the end of the this week. Photos when I am all done!
In other news you will notice that we have added a new bird to our home.. since what's better with a new born kitten than a bird! ~sigh~. Please meet Athena, she is Sam's new love and she is an rare albino parakeet. Since this photo was taken she has started to turn pink.. much to our confusion. It seems that the little red bits in her food are enough to turn her pink in the same way flamingos turn pink from eating shrimp.. who knew!

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