Hex obsession

It might be heading towards the end of Summer but these sunny colors are all about the joy of season for me. I knew the minute I saw this little hexy project on a couple of my favorite blogs that I was going to have to give it a go!.. and what fun it has been. This project is so very easy to tote along when at the park, hanging with friends or just sitting and listening to the kids read to me. 1 zip lock bag, a needle , some thread, woven fabric scraps and the paper templates and you are ready to go. I chose to cut up some vintage sheets I had bought just for crafting and then not be to anal about how I placed them since I wanted it to feel really random.
If you would like to try this yourself read about it here at POSEY and then go here and create some hexagon graph paper for your templates ( choose 1.25 for your hex size).. and then go have some fun!

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