Back for a bit...

I am back and just in time for Banned Books Week. Each year we celebrate the right to read as we choose and the right to make those choices. This year we stitched out this very cool design that I created just for the occasion! We made book weights to give to our favorite librarians.
We have been doing BBW for a lot of years now and some how I had missed all the fuss about it.. but if you are interested do a Google search about the opposition to literary freedom. Now mind you while I do support out libraries and books stores to carry whatever books they desire I still believe that each parent has a duty to look over what their child is reading since what I consider in line with our personal values might not be the same as yours. Way to many parents have abdicated that responsibility to the schools and other organizations and then demand that the stock the shelves in accordance with their personal beliefs.. that is not how a free society works. We must all do our part and a huge part of that is being an active part of your child's education.
Yes, I know you are busy.. but if I can do this for my big brood.. you can do this too.. it's your job. So grab up a book and celebrate your right to do so!

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