May the Squash-Fest Begin!

Just like cantalopes in the Summer... in the Fall I am all about the squash. Acorn, Hubbard, what have you.. I love fall squash. A quick stop netted me these beauties. So tonight we are going to have chicken curry in roasted Acorn Squash. They are in the oven right now and with just a bit of butter and a sprinkle of Sel De Mer I want to eat them all up right now... but I will wait since I know how great they are going to taste with my chicken curry as their filling.
I will admit to making my quick chicken curry tonight since two kids have events tonight. It goes like this ( Sorry.. no real recipe.. I just wing it each time)
Chopped celery - about 1/2 a bunch.. maybe less.
1 large onion chopped
Saute these until soft.. to this I add in 1 ripped up deli chicken.. white and dark meat but not skin. Saute a bit more and then add cream, milk and mild red curry paste. Stir and let thicken for a bit.. then pour into squash or over basmati rice.. delish!

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