Not that this is going to shock anyone but I have a wee problem with cords.. power cords, computer cords.. I hate them. I hate them like I hate broken blinds, they depress me.  This was a shock to my husband all those years ago when I could be found either shrieking at or going to great lengths to hide cords that just had to be part of our lives.  Today he is used to is and just goes with the flow when it come to my wee-itty-bitty cord phobia thingy.

Although I am sick ( insert the nasal, wheezy sorting noise that is my breathing right now) I am still making some progress on getting stuff organized around here. Today that meant the first part of the three part office/school room/ den move. This rearranging move is so complex and fettered with  obstacles that I think I could pull off a rocket launch with less hassle and yet I am doing it anyway in hopes of making things easier around here.

So today I moved my big desk with the help of my boys.  

In fact this is my desk sans the the suspicious looking jar on top ( on top of mine you will find rabid dust-bunnies!)  This desk is heavy,  and hard to move but my guys were great and got it moved to the new office and left me to fume over getting all the cords hooked back up and so well hidden that my office equipment appears to be run by pixie magic since you will NOT see a cord if I can help it.  And if I can't help it on occasion you can catch me painting them so that they at least blend in. ( Yes, I am aware that there might be a medication out there with my name on it, but spray paint is cheaper!)

So my cords are now labeled and tucked away thanks to those wonderful folks at the HomeImprovment site next to Ikea and the Container Store they have my heart and my wallet.

Now I need a nap!

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