Covering my Assets

Sometimes  I just need to sew. In the same way someone might *need* a cup of coffee or a smoke, I need to sew. This can sometimes mean my projects are a bit slapdash or 1/2 @ssed and at times they don't even work but often it is more about the process than the product. Luckily this time I got the whole process/product reward ( fist bump to me!)

This was a rather effective but decidedly dowdy Franklin Planner spiral bound calendar ( from Target). Effective for sure but nothing to write home about.  Since I am ALL about the pretty I figured that I could vent my sewing ya-ya's by making a cover.

Of course I had to obsess about which fabric to use since I would have to look at it for a whole year, which of course was TOTALLY ridiculous since I could make a new cover at any time.. and yet that is where my head goes... straight to crazy town. I could practically be the mayor, just sayn'.

In the end I just grabbed a charm pack that I think is MoMo, It's a Hoot but it did not have a band on it so feel free to correct me if you recognize it.

I took some photos while doing it but would be hard pressed to call them a tutorial but will post them up tomorrow soon as I get a chance. In the end what really counts is that each time I see it I smile.. you can't ask for much more than that from a spur of the moment, half @ssed project can  you ?

I'm Maddie, and I sew.

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