Everyone Loves Snow Cream

It is a snow-day here in wonderful Chattanooga TN.  The outside world has ground to a hault and the heavens have blessed with with a free crafting and sewing day!
 In honor  of the blanket of white I am calling my newest quilt
(yep, was called Shine Bright while under contruction but no more.. now it's SnowCream)

SnowCream is an original composition based on the techniques of Gwen Marsden's Liberated Quilting philosophy. I used various prints from my stash and some from my scrap bin. The border fabric is also a stash dive and part of my pledge to use up the bolts of fabric that I bought at this years Sew Bee It bolt sale. The white is some WONDERFUL white linen from the same store. It was a bit of a bear to work with but I think it will pay off big in the end.  

I did NO measuring on this quilt as well as no use of rulers. This was truly an organic quilting endeavor and I LOVED it.  I know the whole idea of not measuring to the point of making your eyes cross is enough to make some quilters get a nervous tick. Honestly it is SO freeing to just look, cut, sew and see what you get.. not sure I am ever going to crawl back into the "by the lines" box.  But that is the best part about quilting today, there is room for everyone at the cutting table! 

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