Hello mid-40's!

Yes it is official I am traipsing through my mid-40's as of today.  And you know what?.. besides the total bummer of gray hair and pimples ( WHAT is up with that?) I am really enjoying this time.  And generally I am holding up a lot better this decade than the last as pointed out by my dear oldest son ( thanks!)

I am excited about my work, passionate about my marriage, having fun doing my home and lucky enough to have the advantage to be able to be home to homeschool my children. I am not sure I could ever or should ever ask for more!  ( Yes some days suck, but over all my blessings are abundant!)

Taking the time to care for myself has been important, since much like that popular little air-flight axiom "please secure your own air mask first before attempting to help another",    if I don't feel good about myself it is next to impossible to give my best to others. 

To that end my totally selfish list of things I do for me!

Buy clothes that are at least as nice if not better than what I dress my children in.
Motherhood is not an excuse to look like crap even if you are still holding onto "baby weight" you put on 21 years ago!, I 'm just say'n

New bras and panties every 6 months
Good support and nice danties make a difference, make the time to get a bra fitting!

Use real grown-up shampoo - not the kids stuff that comes in a bottle that looks like a squid
Good hair = Good Day, nuf' said

Do my hair - too many quality hair products not to have great hair
Pulling my hair back into a rubber band does not count unless done with purpose, not as a last ditch effort!

No chippy toe nail polish -  if you can't keep it up don't do it!
Nothing more depressing than chippy polish, except maybe broken mini blinds.. such a toss up in my book!

Nice sheets for my bed-  such great prices at Tj Maxx!
happy sleep

Shoes that make me happy - Hello DSW!
cute shoes  make even a crappy day better

Make time with my husband every day or as often as possible ( uhhh yeh you know what I mean)
oh yeh!

Crafting or sewing time each day, or at least time to create a Zentangle
you knew I was going to say this one didn't you?

Oh yeh.. and wear dresses! ( more on that later)

That is my list off the top of my head... what would you add to it??


Unknown said...
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Rhissanna said...

The list works in your fifties, too.

Nancy said...

Since I turned 55 in September, I made a promise to myself to spend some money on me and not always the grand kids. So now I get a 30 min weekly massage and since it messes up my hair I get a shampoo and blow-out. makes me most bootiful every Friday! And I am definitely worth it!!