Skip to my Loo- 5 days and $200 dollars

Well it's obvious that the whole "Extreme Makeover" thing has  gone to my head or at the very least rattled my brain a bit since I got it in my head to redo this horror of a bathroom this week while Dr. Anarchy is out of town.

This started out as one of the those.. oh.. I will just do some paint and get some new towels sort of thing and  by tonight 10:30 Eastern it has become  "boy, go fetch me  my reciprocating saw" sort of project.

But for better or worse the room is now gutted with the exception of the loo, sink and shower. Since in some form or fashion I need to keep the bathroom " usable" for as long as possible given the number of people who live in the this house.  Now this is only really pathetic and sad funny when you  know that our house has 5.. yes 5 bathrooms and with this one out of order plus the 2 others that are not working right now that would leave us with only 2 working bathrooms.. shameful I tell you.

Alas  as I was pulling out the fugly short wall between the sink and the commode I noticed that the toilet bowl has a rather vicious crack down the side.. so while this crack has not made it's way through the whole bowl we have been obviously flirting with disaster for a while now so tomorrow means a trip to Lowes for a brand spanking new model.  I have to admit this gives me a small thrill since it means I can get another of the new smooth sided models that don't have icky intestinal curved sides that harbor all manor of ick no matter how often you clean!

I will NOT be considering that toilet in part of my redo budget since I would have to had to replace it anyway ( you can see why there was NO chance I would ever be an accountant)


Pulled out rotten short wall with unexplained vent to nowhere in it

Removed cheap towel bars from hell

Took out faux wainscotting that was held in place with either psychic force or 16 penny nails depending on the section - WTF?

2-1000 tubes worth of caulking has now been scraped

UGLY 3 panel medicine chest pulled down

Even uglier matching " hollywood" meets " Dolly Wood" style lighting began to fall but had to be propped up so there would be light in there to work by .. it is OUT OF THERE TOMORROW

Tomorrow.. PAINT!

and if you are begining to think I am a wee bit nuts... this ain't my first rodeo ...

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