Late night

Sketching pattern notes, but want to be sleeping.

That's all.

Class is in!

A quick look at the calender tells me that Winter is on it's way out and Spring is almost here!  That means it is time to get rolling with planning Spring and Summer classes.  So far things are shaping up like this:

Classes I am teaching at Chattanooga Sewing:

April  2nd - Bibs, Burps and Blankets - this class is already sold out but there is a waiting list while we set yet another date for this class
April 20th Daring Denim- Machine Embroidery on Denim
May 14 - Ruffle Rump Romper - learning your ruffling attachment and using it like a pro.
May 18th Flirty Ruffle Bag - learning your ruffling attachment and using it like a pro
June 14th Giving the them Slip - simple techniques for fantastic quick slipcovers
July - In the hoop Applique - Back to school Apple in the hoop
July 13th  No Rules, No Ruler hand applique and quilting
July  - 20th Cupcake applique in the hoop
August 6th  Yo-yo mania
August 24 Rotary cutting clinic

Other classes and clinics as dates are set!

The God's of Thrift Have Smiled

Some days you you are the bug, some days the windshield.
That just about sums up thrifting in my mind. Some days you wonder why you even go on the hunt and others you  just throw your face up the sky in joy wondering how someone could let something so good get away.. and yet you are thrilled that they did since now it is yours!

happy dance happy dance happy dance

This weekend I scored these beautiful brass an glass vintage light fixtures which while they will need rewiring are otherwise in perfect shape.

After a bit of a bath the globes sparkled ( shown here moments after I found them, freed from their dusty confines at the Habitat Restore and safe in the backseat of the Anarchy-mobile) and the metal parts are ready to be silvered so that they will go best with my house. 

These babies will be replacing two builder grade " boob-lights" that were installed by the last owner of this great old house. While I am not even ready to work on this particular room I am going to go ahead and rewire these and go ahead and hang them since otherwise I will have to find a place to store them and keep them safe. I think hanging from my 12 foot ceilings is about as safe as it gets around here!

Color me happy!

Books-a-Plenty, just part of the plan

As homeschoolers we are all about the books and  while for years the library was our main source of book love over time we became hardcore book buyers.. like a junkie and crack I was just about helpless.  A nasty cycle of books, book shelves, more books, bigger house with more and even huger ( my word) built in bookshelves.. you get the picture. ( At this time a big high-five to Dr/Mr. Anarchy for providing a swell income to support my habit- but it's obvious I need to lay off when I go a week without going to B&N and the staff gets worried)

As time has passed this amassing of books has gotten way out of hand and I have given some away as the kids have out grown them and once again I am sorting. purging and putting up for sale. I am looking forward to holding my own little *free-sale* this week while at our homschool co-op since I think these books are wonderful.. we have just out-grown them. I could of course take them to my local used book store for credit but it just seems more fun to give them away!

Of course all of this is in preparation for a finally getting the living room done! (cue the angels singing!)  I think I finally know how everything is going to go.. and this week is about the prep to make that happen. Of course I am fitting that prep in between all the things that make this week really really really busy but it feels good to be making some progress on this project!

Also finishing up the last little bits on the guest bathroom and have high hopes for a big revel early next week!

Moving forward...

Man, don't you just hate it when life gets in the way of decorating???  But the little curtain is done for the itty bitty bathroom closet.  The close tis so small that there are not even ready made doors for such small sizes!  So for now a curtain will have to do! Of course the best part is that I just LURVE this fabric and when it comes time to redo the little closet into a uber cute stack of basket shelves I can take back the fabric for my own purposes..ummmmhuhhhh!

I would also like to announce that I have officially banned those wall mounted spindle TP holders from my house ( shocking I know.. alert the media!)   I don't know what it is about my family but they never seem to have mastered the art of reloading them nore actually keeping the spindle in place.. no idea what chromosome is responsible for this but I have given in people.. we will now and forever more be keeping the tp on the back of the tank..  thanks for your understanding

To celebrate this turn of events I got a new basket for the back of the tank.. just right for 4-6 rolls!  how great can my life get!  Not to mention yours for getting to read this stuff!

ok. back to those other parts of life that keep me from getting much else done!

Bye Bye Builders Grade and Hello Beautiful!

New faucets are like jewlery for the bathroom!

Say hello to my new friend

After a good deal of cussing and plumber-style gymnastics this beauty is now in place. Honestly the faucet was really rather easy to install and things were going along rather well... practically like little woodland creatures were scampering around bringing me tools.

 That was until it came time to hook up the water lines. Being the thrifty sort I thought I would reuse the old water supply lines { que the horror music}..ohhh I was soooo thrifty ~patting self on back~  of course then I promptly cross threaded the first line to the point that it was wedged tight. It was stuck.. stuck hard.. so much so that when I tried to loosen it it started to torque the copper line (bad).. thus the creative language began..     10 minutes later it was loose and I felt like a limp dishrag!  1 more trip the my local ACE ( can I say how much I love having a hardware store 1 mile from my house??)  new water lines were in 5 minutes after getting home..

and say goodbye to the old!


Lasagna Stack,
 fast, simple and really good. From mixing it up to table in 30 minutes.. Really.. crazy but true and they all really liked it, another winner.

Mini is what WAS for dinner

Well dinner did not happen until 9pm last night and the quiche were made at 7 so I can't say they were on the top of their game but everyone agreed that they were hot and tasty ( after a quick trip into the microwave).. I served them with sauted zucchini and some fruit and that was that.

The quick factor in these was that the crusts were made from bread slices that you rolled flat and sprayed with butter flavor baking spray and then fit them into muffin cups.  You then crisped them up in the oven while you mixed up the egg filling.   I might use muffin liners next time since they were a bit hard to get out.

"Good enough to make again" was the phrase bantered around the table as we all ate in our sleepy stupor,
 so be it.

Caught my breath and back for more!

While letting the polycoats (3) dry on the floor for a couple of days I was able to get my second wind on this bathroom project and today was victorious in getting the shower curtains hemmed and the loo installed!  Yes.. we have FLUSH people! 

 The floor and it's lack of anything approaching level was a serious problem and some rather heavy duty shimming was called for but in the end she sits straight and level and not a drop of leakage!  Over the next few days I will check the bolts again since it is not uncommon for the unit to settle and need a bit more tightening but otherwise the base has been caulked and that part of the redo is done!

I want to send out a big MWAH! to Bragg-kitty who was SUCH a help through today's  whole project!

AquaSource one piece Low Flow Eco-model ( cat not included)

Tomorrow...  Kicking our game with a new faucet!


If you ever want to make your days just fly by make a commitment to blog your dinner for 64 days! Tonight's 30 minute meal was Chicken Cordon Blue Subs. Once again.. well received and quite nice but I am still thinking about That Korean Beef Bowl from last night..yuummm

These subs were fast and easy using chicken that you pound flat then bread with Panko bread crumbs and fry in butter or oil.  Lay these on a nice sub roll with smoked ham and then Swiss ( We used Provolone since it was what I had even if I thought I had bought a package of Swiss) and a smear of mayo and grainy mustard mixed together.  Pop them in the oven to  melt the cheese.. tada!.. you are done.  I served the subs with sauted fresh green beans and the crew was happy.. thus ends another dinner here at the Anarchy Ranch!

Meal number 2!

Yes...  24 hours have flown by and yet another dinner has been made and eaten!  This time is was the Korean Beef and Rice bowl topped with egg.

To quote my 9 year old
 "This is so good I want to have it for my birthday dinner!!"

I used a London Broil for the sliced beef ( they suggest beef tip) and used toasted Sesame instead of regular oil,  and did double the amount of spinach and Shitake mushrooms but other than that this was a by the book sort of effort.

It was indeed wonderful and clocked in at 32 minutes inculding me searchng in vain for my oven mits which as it turned out were in the laundry.

Happy tummy = Happy family

Questions about the Loo

The project is going great right now and the second coat of  sealer will be going down in just minutes! In the mean time I thought I would answer a couple of questions that have dropped in to my mail box during this project.

Why in heavens name would you paint the bathroom floor?    I think that "want" would be a strong world to use in this case. I did not "want" to do it at all but was forced into it by the rather disgusting find of the pee soaked vinyl layers of flooring. - honestly given that it really did not smell all that bad uncovered it scares me to think what you could hide under a layer of vinyl!  Painting was the cheaper and easier of the fixes since the rest involved jacking up the house!

What paint are you using?  Sherwin Williams Harmony paint  for the walls since it really has no odor making it a dream for me to paint with and for my family to breath. I would also like to give a high five to the can of  Valspar paint from Lowe's that I found lurking in my basement and used for the vanity and the trim. The floor is a custom mixed colors of Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel, with then clear coat on top.

Do you have any training in this sort of thing?  Uhhh no?.. am I supposed to?

Where did you get that great toilet plunger we have seen so much of ?  Oh shut up!

White Chicken Chili

1 meal down and 63 or so to go!  I can honestly say that this meal was a total winner and will be added to the long term recipe box. It was the first recipe in the magazine so a nice place to start. Alas I will not be doing the recipes in order or we would all be growing breaks from eating chicken for 12 straight days!

The suggested garnish for this very non-traditional lite chili was cilantro and chopped up avocado and it was just fantastic. The recipe suggested using a deli chicken but since I had some chix-breasts on hand I went with roasting those in the oven this afternoon in antispation of tonights quick supper.

Hot in the Kitchen

Hi, I'm Maddie and I have a hard core addiction to magazines. Sewing, crafts, home or  food you name it and I love to read about it in the form of a magazine.  I find nothing more relaxing at the end of the day than to soak in a hot tub and ponder untold projects  as I  flip through the pages.

I have this little deal with myself, I have a set budget each month for my addiction and I must find a useful idea or a creative spark from any one that I buy. When it comes to cooking magazines I actually don't buy a whole lot of them, but generally am a sucker for America's Test Kitchen and once again this is proof. I generally find their recipes easy and well written for even the novice cook which I am not. In fact I am far from a novice, I used to be a caterer and at times still pop back into the roll when life calls for it ( usually at times like funerals - so not fun cooking but needed none the less).  What I am is a tired cook who sometimes is so busy that some inspiration in the from of some sexy food photography is what it takes to get me going so thus I succumb to the occasional food mag.

( Enter guilt at extraneous purchase)

 But to make myself feel better I have decided to cook my way through this entire Winter issue. There are something like 60ish recipes in there and each time I make one I am going to do my best to check back in and tell you how it went! If you are lucky I might even add a couple of crappy cell phone photos and if you beg I might recap how to make the recipe in a general sort of way since I am a bit daff on how copyright effects recipes if nothing else.

Tonight's victim meal is White Chicken Chili

Stay tuned!

Still skipping.. all be it slower than I wanted

It's day 6 here at Chez Anarchy and I am still working on the bathroom but the end is in sight.  The whole floor/ leaking toilet/ nursing home smell thing really put a dent in my speed on this project but  has meant I have gotten to drive around town all week with a new low flow toilet in the back of my suburban! ( I did not want to bring it in till I was ready to put in in given all the havoc we already have going on around here).

But tonight is good. The first coat of floor paint is drying and I will put down a second coat before bed so it can dry over night and tomorrow I paint on the chocolate colored diamonds!

With the floor done the toilet will go in ( that is going to be hellish.. right now just let me tell you .. blog posts with rank words will follow - hide that one from the kiddies!).. after the toilet is in the shower curtains will be hemmed and the closet door curtain will be installed. ( Eventually I will get the inners of that closet taken care of , fitted out with shelves and baskets but for now a curtain is going to have to do the job)...ohhh and I need to install the new faucet...but that means finding the faucet wrench..that means and trip into the messy basement.... might just buy another one and save the time!

I do want to give a shout out to a new product that I just LOVE

while not cheap ( about $4 per hanger) these things are SO easy to use and made hanging my big new bathroom mirror a 5 minute process. These things hold up to 200 pounds, install in just a 1/4 inch drilled hole.. LOVE THEM!  I got mine at Lowe's in the picture hanging section but I think you can get them in lots of other places as well!

Houston we have a wet and icky problem.. Skipping along

Oh what a wicked web we weave when we think we are going to do a fast and easy bathroom redo! 7pm Tuesday and I am sitting here like a pile of rather foul smelling jello. Thinking that maybe if I take on an assumed name and book my bus ticket now I can leave town and not have to think anymore about  what I have gotten myself into.  Painting of the vanity was an obvious and frivolous distraction in the vain hope that the whole flooring thing was not going to be as awful as I thought it was going to be `  is.

After toady's Lowe's trip in which I found out my loverly new super toidy has been recalled and that buying a half way decent faucet costs a freaking lot I came home to tackle the issue of the floor.  " Lucky" for me the floor was already peeling up in one area ( that would be the area I kept covered with a rug for the past year).. so I started there only to be greeted by an odor that can only be described as a mixture of  badly tended nursing home and cat box.  It seems that the odor I have been blaming on the boys has actually been  the cracked toilet in question leaking under the flooring! GAG!!!!!

So after removing two layers of flooring and  what felt like 50 pounds of leveling compound the floor is now clear but is hosting a SERIOUS rolling wonk that is going to have to be dealt  with ( prayers accepted)   but tonight to sooth my savage soul I will paint the walls.

Skip to my Loo- day 2!

Welcome to day 2 of my Skip to my Loo project!

Two coats of self primering paint in a loverly shade of Tobacco brown and the vanity is already looking a whole lot better.   I think one more coat and some glaze and it will be done and ready for hardware. I will be huning up something in a brushed nickle finish today or hunting up a can of brushed nickle spray paint - depending!

Today the light fixture comes down but in short order the new one has to go up so that I will have light in there to work by...Bathrooms are small but Oh such a pain!

I got all the little holes in the walls filled last night and a second coat of putty on this morning. I am using the lite- weight quick dry stuff that goes from purple to white so you know that it is ready for paint... love that!

Next up in my day.. a trip to Lowes.. tune back in for exciting  cell phone photos of the trip!

On my list:
Faucet to replace the hotel-chic one we currently have
New toilet - NOT looking forward to this part
Flooring- unless I scare up enough of something in at " mini-Lowes" otherwise known as my basement!
Lighting fixture that does not break my out in hives just looking at it.
Waterproof caulk - found the leak in the shower ~sigh~