Books-a-Plenty, just part of the plan

As homeschoolers we are all about the books and  while for years the library was our main source of book love over time we became hardcore book buyers.. like a junkie and crack I was just about helpless.  A nasty cycle of books, book shelves, more books, bigger house with more and even huger ( my word) built in bookshelves.. you get the picture. ( At this time a big high-five to Dr/Mr. Anarchy for providing a swell income to support my habit- but it's obvious I need to lay off when I go a week without going to B&N and the staff gets worried)

As time has passed this amassing of books has gotten way out of hand and I have given some away as the kids have out grown them and once again I am sorting. purging and putting up for sale. I am looking forward to holding my own little *free-sale* this week while at our homschool co-op since I think these books are wonderful.. we have just out-grown them. I could of course take them to my local used book store for credit but it just seems more fun to give them away!

Of course all of this is in preparation for a finally getting the living room done! (cue the angels singing!)  I think I finally know how everything is going to go.. and this week is about the prep to make that happen. Of course I am fitting that prep in between all the things that make this week really really really busy but it feels good to be making some progress on this project!

Also finishing up the last little bits on the guest bathroom and have high hopes for a big revel early next week!

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