Caught my breath and back for more!

While letting the polycoats (3) dry on the floor for a couple of days I was able to get my second wind on this bathroom project and today was victorious in getting the shower curtains hemmed and the loo installed!  Yes.. we have FLUSH people! 

 The floor and it's lack of anything approaching level was a serious problem and some rather heavy duty shimming was called for but in the end she sits straight and level and not a drop of leakage!  Over the next few days I will check the bolts again since it is not uncommon for the unit to settle and need a bit more tightening but otherwise the base has been caulked and that part of the redo is done!

I want to send out a big MWAH! to Bragg-kitty who was SUCH a help through today's  whole project!

AquaSource one piece Low Flow Eco-model ( cat not included)

Tomorrow...  Kicking our game with a new faucet!

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