If you ever want to make your days just fly by make a commitment to blog your dinner for 64 days! Tonight's 30 minute meal was Chicken Cordon Blue Subs. Once again.. well received and quite nice but I am still thinking about That Korean Beef Bowl from last night..yuummm

These subs were fast and easy using chicken that you pound flat then bread with Panko bread crumbs and fry in butter or oil.  Lay these on a nice sub roll with smoked ham and then Swiss ( We used Provolone since it was what I had even if I thought I had bought a package of Swiss) and a smear of mayo and grainy mustard mixed together.  Pop them in the oven to  melt the cheese.. tada!.. you are done.  I served the subs with sauted fresh green beans and the crew was happy.. thus ends another dinner here at the Anarchy Ranch!

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