The God's of Thrift Have Smiled

Some days you you are the bug, some days the windshield.
That just about sums up thrifting in my mind. Some days you wonder why you even go on the hunt and others you  just throw your face up the sky in joy wondering how someone could let something so good get away.. and yet you are thrilled that they did since now it is yours!

happy dance happy dance happy dance

This weekend I scored these beautiful brass an glass vintage light fixtures which while they will need rewiring are otherwise in perfect shape.

After a bit of a bath the globes sparkled ( shown here moments after I found them, freed from their dusty confines at the Habitat Restore and safe in the backseat of the Anarchy-mobile) and the metal parts are ready to be silvered so that they will go best with my house. 

These babies will be replacing two builder grade " boob-lights" that were installed by the last owner of this great old house. While I am not even ready to work on this particular room I am going to go ahead and rewire these and go ahead and hang them since otherwise I will have to find a place to store them and keep them safe. I think hanging from my 12 foot ceilings is about as safe as it gets around here!

Color me happy!

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