Hot in the Kitchen

Hi, I'm Maddie and I have a hard core addiction to magazines. Sewing, crafts, home or  food you name it and I love to read about it in the form of a magazine.  I find nothing more relaxing at the end of the day than to soak in a hot tub and ponder untold projects  as I  flip through the pages.

I have this little deal with myself, I have a set budget each month for my addiction and I must find a useful idea or a creative spark from any one that I buy. When it comes to cooking magazines I actually don't buy a whole lot of them, but generally am a sucker for America's Test Kitchen and once again this is proof. I generally find their recipes easy and well written for even the novice cook which I am not. In fact I am far from a novice, I used to be a caterer and at times still pop back into the roll when life calls for it ( usually at times like funerals - so not fun cooking but needed none the less).  What I am is a tired cook who sometimes is so busy that some inspiration in the from of some sexy food photography is what it takes to get me going so thus I succumb to the occasional food mag.

( Enter guilt at extraneous purchase)

 But to make myself feel better I have decided to cook my way through this entire Winter issue. There are something like 60ish recipes in there and each time I make one I am going to do my best to check back in and tell you how it went! If you are lucky I might even add a couple of crappy cell phone photos and if you beg I might recap how to make the recipe in a general sort of way since I am a bit daff on how copyright effects recipes if nothing else.

Tonight's victim meal is White Chicken Chili

Stay tuned!

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