Questions about the Loo

The project is going great right now and the second coat of  sealer will be going down in just minutes! In the mean time I thought I would answer a couple of questions that have dropped in to my mail box during this project.

Why in heavens name would you paint the bathroom floor?    I think that "want" would be a strong world to use in this case. I did not "want" to do it at all but was forced into it by the rather disgusting find of the pee soaked vinyl layers of flooring. - honestly given that it really did not smell all that bad uncovered it scares me to think what you could hide under a layer of vinyl!  Painting was the cheaper and easier of the fixes since the rest involved jacking up the house!

What paint are you using?  Sherwin Williams Harmony paint  for the walls since it really has no odor making it a dream for me to paint with and for my family to breath. I would also like to give a high five to the can of  Valspar paint from Lowe's that I found lurking in my basement and used for the vanity and the trim. The floor is a custom mixed colors of Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel, with then clear coat on top.

Do you have any training in this sort of thing?  Uhhh no?.. am I supposed to?

Where did you get that great toilet plunger we have seen so much of ?  Oh shut up!


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