Skip to my Loo- day 2!

Welcome to day 2 of my Skip to my Loo project!

Two coats of self primering paint in a loverly shade of Tobacco brown and the vanity is already looking a whole lot better.   I think one more coat and some glaze and it will be done and ready for hardware. I will be huning up something in a brushed nickle finish today or hunting up a can of brushed nickle spray paint - depending!

Today the light fixture comes down but in short order the new one has to go up so that I will have light in there to work by...Bathrooms are small but Oh such a pain!

I got all the little holes in the walls filled last night and a second coat of putty on this morning. I am using the lite- weight quick dry stuff that goes from purple to white so you know that it is ready for paint... love that!

Next up in my day.. a trip to Lowes.. tune back in for exciting  cell phone photos of the trip!

On my list:
Faucet to replace the hotel-chic one we currently have
New toilet - NOT looking forward to this part
Flooring- unless I scare up enough of something in at " mini-Lowes" otherwise known as my basement!
Lighting fixture that does not break my out in hives just looking at it.
Waterproof caulk - found the leak in the shower ~sigh~

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