Still skipping.. all be it slower than I wanted

It's day 6 here at Chez Anarchy and I am still working on the bathroom but the end is in sight.  The whole floor/ leaking toilet/ nursing home smell thing really put a dent in my speed on this project but  has meant I have gotten to drive around town all week with a new low flow toilet in the back of my suburban! ( I did not want to bring it in till I was ready to put in in given all the havoc we already have going on around here).

But tonight is good. The first coat of floor paint is drying and I will put down a second coat before bed so it can dry over night and tomorrow I paint on the chocolate colored diamonds!

With the floor done the toilet will go in ( that is going to be hellish.. right now just let me tell you .. blog posts with rank words will follow - hide that one from the kiddies!).. after the toilet is in the shower curtains will be hemmed and the closet door curtain will be installed. ( Eventually I will get the inners of that closet taken care of , fitted out with shelves and baskets but for now a curtain is going to have to do the job)...ohhh and I need to install the new faucet...but that means finding the faucet wrench..that means and trip into the messy basement.... might just buy another one and save the time!

I do want to give a shout out to a new product that I just LOVE

while not cheap ( about $4 per hanger) these things are SO easy to use and made hanging my big new bathroom mirror a 5 minute process. These things hold up to 200 pounds, install in just a 1/4 inch drilled hole.. LOVE THEM!  I got mine at Lowe's in the picture hanging section but I think you can get them in lots of other places as well!

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