4 Day Hair

Turns out that as much as I like a hot bath or shower my hair is less accepting of a daily douse of hot water and chemicals and coupled with a thyroid issue it was falling out at a rather alarming rate. At the advice from my stylist I have gone to washing it a bit less often. In fact I now go 3-4 days without washing it and have to say that it is getting easier to deal with the longer I do it.  ( It is only in recent.. and I mean Really recent history that the hair washing obsession came to be.. once a week use to be the norm not even 30 years ago)

In fact I have become a bit like the comic bit where the guy is washing the bunny  who lays like a lump wrapped in a towel and says in an exasperated voice... " I just washed my hare and can't do a thing with it!"...  I know just how he feels!

 So the first day I blow it out straight using all my skills from Blow Dry Boot Camp  ( totally, if you ever get a chance to do one of these do it.. SO worth the money!)

gads, a reverse widow's peak!

Second day is me in braids or pig tails or a flip pony tail since usually the ambient moisture has started to kink up my hair.

Obviously I was feeling very Milk-maid that day!

Day 3, time to start using the  B&B dry shampoo which then makes my hair VERY workable, with this stuff in I bet I could pull off a Don King sort of "do" without much problem but generally I choose to go Vintage.

Last night's going out to dinner hair

Day 4, if I get there ( since honestly usually by day three I am ready to wash my hair just for the experience and the full body shower without the shower cap!) I will still work with some sort of vintage hair but at this point as a  total up do since things at this point  things are getting a little freaky.

To wash 3-4 days of product out of my hair I am sure to rise it really really well in tempid water and then use a shampoo made to remove excess product an then condition like crazy. 

 I am loving my B&B hair products but am always up for hearing other recommendations... what products do  you love for your hair???

Let the Games Begin

  I really am blessed to be leading such a wonderful life getting to work as I please ( for the most part) as well as totally be here for raising and homeschooling my kids.. it's great to be sure, but it sure is messy!
That mess is what I am trying to get a bit more under control with each project that I do. So for as much as I love to craft/ sew for the sake of art I really am working towards projects that also pay back with beauty or practicality for my home.

This project meets those objectives. You see, each week my geeky little  younger boys have chess club. Which means  I have to remember to load up the chess board each week and get it over there along with them.  Getting them there is not so hard but somehow the chess board has missed the ride more times that I really feel comfortable admitting.  This was generally solved when I bought a second chess set just to keep in the car, but then the box was crushed by a wayward 50 pound bag of dog food  ( yes people this is my life).

Ah! I think. I will just make a bag for the chess stuff which includes the board, the pieces, and sometimes a timer and a rules book.  Easy enough but also time to add a bit of creative play to be sure!

I used some well washed painters drop cloth for the  fabric making sure to orient my cut so I could use the top finished edge for the  fold over for creating a drawstring casing. I then made sure I made it big enough since when making a draw string type bag for a solid object you have to have enough fabric at the top so it can gather the bag up - make sense?  And lastly I needed an image... which of course meant a quick Internet trip over to the Graphics Fairy.

While at the G.F. I searched for chess image but came up with nothing so went on to games. There were quite a few card  type images and I found this possibly freaky face that fit the bill for vintage fun.

I took the image into photoshop and added the words  but making it generic enough  for any game bag or even for some hand towels for a game night???  I then mirrored the whole mess and printed it out on my beloved TAP paper.

As you might notice there are some extra words there at the bottom. I HATE wasting part of a piece of TAP since it is not cheap. So at the bottom you will find a little label that may be tranfered to the back of your bag and you can fill it out with information on how to get your lost games back home to you!

Next... well you know the drill.. time to iron

Hot iron, 40ish constant seconds until all the image has tranered from the release paper to the fabric. Also, make sure to wait 3 days to a week to wash.. the curing time really helps the staying power of the image.

I then finished up sewing a simple drawstring  bag using two machine-made button holes for the openings. Ribbon threaded through the casing makes the tie. But if you are not one much for sewing I think that this would work just a well on a plain canvas tote like the kind you can buy at the craft store!

Want to make one like this and get your games all cleaned up?
If so here is the deal, I have created a free download file for your personal use and all I ask in exchange is a small comment about how you found Domestic Anarchy and what you would like to see more of. If you are not already a follower please do so now since...shhhhhh this is a secret.. but on a regular basis I will be having giveaways that will only be announced on FB  and networkblogs and I know you don't want to miss those do you?  Of course I will not stop having fun here..no not at all.. just doing a bit more of it over there too!

I hope you enjoy this printable
 please click
to get it.

Happy PRODUCTIVE crafting!

Who's the Boss?- Towel Embossing

The bluebird of happiness lives in my  guest bathroom!

I get a lot of questions about different  towel embroidery techniques and how to pull them off so they look just like the towels from the high end stores and I am happy to share!  Embossing is one of my favorite ways to get that big dollar look with practically no sweat on your part when machine embroidering.  The key to this technique is a wildly large thread collection     matching your thread to your towel in such as was as to make it look like part of the towel was carved away to make the image or monogram.

You will also want to buy or design specifically for embossing since the underlayment of stitches is just as important as the top layer in this technique.  In this original design I knew I wanted to do a simple but graceful bird since this was a repeated motif in my guest bathroom. I created the design just for embossing  by playing with the positive and negative space of the bird, the towel and the ring around the bird. 

While not as impressive on camera I have to say that I cannot get over how full and nice this design feels in the area around the bird inside the ring.. very plush even after a couple of washings and  some serious abuse by my children. For the next set of towels I have increased the  width on the circle for a bit more dimension and after I am totally happy with it  I will have the file up for sale in my Fresh Thread Store.


  • I always wash and dry my towels 2x before embrodiering
  • Before stitching I steam the towels to re-fluff the fibers
  • Tearaway on the back and  fiberous washaway on top
  • I don't hoop towels, I pin them to the stabilizer ( sticky paper can pull loops free)
Happy Stitching!

Tools on Tuesday- The Supreme Slider

Whoo hoo.. It's Tuesday, which of course means..

you lived through monday!

Tools on Tuesday

Today I am excited to talk to you about a new tool in my sewing studio, the Supreme Slider -Queen sized

As many of you know I am a longarm quilter so while I don't quilt as much at my standard machine but  when I do this product is my go-to tool for easy free motion work ( it is not meant for walking foot use or stitch in the ditch work). I use the Queen size since my Bernina 830 has a very large harp size giving me lots of room but also requiring the larger Supreme Slider. Most people can use the original size.

For those who are new to this product here is the low-down.
It's a  self sticking 100% Teflon sheet that sits on the sewing bed of your machine and helps your quilting project just glide over the surface.

The quick and easy glide is SO important to avoid back and neck strain while you are at the machine. I am AMAZED at how much less sore I am when I free motion using this as opposed to not. Really there are NO words.

I will admit that it's not cheap but it is WAY less than a trip to the chiropractor and lasts forever so in my book it is well worth the money for those who are serious about their free motion work at their sit down machine. Of course the smaller version which is just right for most machines is quite a bit more affordable.

Even better the LOVERLY Leah Day has an awesome special on a the
which includes the Machingers quilting gloves ( my fav, nuf' said) Magic Bobbin Washers ( GOT to have these if you machine is picky about free motion) and the slider for a smack you silly sort of price.

When you order tell Leah and Josh I sent you!!!

Rain Barrel Homeschooling

Can I even say how much this kid and homeschooling rock my world?
Greg has decided that he would like to try to maintain his new garden with only collected water ( Lots of reading on ecology.) To that end he needed a collection barrel and began searching the Internet only to be knocked back by the prices which started at about $60 and went up from there. ( budgeting)

Not to be daunted he explored DIY options and weeded through multiple articles and made notes on parts he found to his liking. ( Research skills)

With notes in hand he hitched a ride with me on a trip to Lowes and  poked around to find what he needed and what fit his budget ( real world math) .  He weighed the pros and cons of trash cans based on price and size. He then went to the  plumbing department and found a spout to meet his needs and then headed up to checkout while I dithered about which  new deep freeze to buy. ( fostering independence)

Once home he took his supplies down to the workshop and drilled ( real skills, real tools) and screwed and  fitted until all was good and water tight ( proved by a 30 minute water pressure test as I was told later).

Since this photo he has hooked up a flex pipe to the drain pipe, fitted a lid with a custom top connection and installed an over flow that has been prefitted so when he is ready he can use it to daisy chain other barrels to this one.  (inovation, planning)

He scavenged the blocks to save money from an old project and is now working to level the ground so when the water is in the barrel it does not tip over.

That my friends is homeschooling!

The Mindful Marriage - Marriage on Monday

Marriage on Monday is my attempt to answer the question I often get on how  Doc and I  have been able to maintain a strong dynamic marriage through a bunch of years and bunch of kids. I am thrilled to say that Doc and I will be co-writing this column in hopes of giving you a more balanced view.  Please know that "balanced" does not always mean delicate. I am not serious about much, .. in fact I am flippant and sassy about a whole lot of things but when it comes to my marriage I am serious as a heart attack. I am serious about it being strong, vital and sexy. About it bringing out the best in both of us and about it being an excellent example for our children.  I am pretty opinionated when it comes to this subject so feel free to take what works for you and leave the rest, and of course always leave a comment or a question!

My husband and I are very different people, where he is naturally all about the quietly mindful . I am rarely quite and have to be diligent ( dogged, determined)  in my pursuit of being mindful, sometimes to the point of writing myself a note to remember! I am pretty sure that the odds were not on us having a successful marriage and yet me have. We have  succeeded to the degree that both of us get asked on a pretty regular basis how we have done it, since as I have been told, " it shows".

Honestly  as I thought on this subject I was at a loss to know where to start.. it is much like having a whole beach and looking for the single particular grain of sand. Given that I figured I might as well start anywhere so...

Maddie says..
Keeping him in Mind

My personal  goal is to make sure that Doc knows how I feel about him everyday  from the way I greet him to the way we say goodbye and every place in between.  He is my handsome man and I let him know it each an every time I can.
This is a skill like any other.. if you don't use it, you lose it.
Does he smell good?.. tell him
Look good?- tell him
Did something nice for you - tell him!
Make sure to have his favorite drink on hand
Notice the little things and see what you can do to make them happen
Never, and I mean NEVER, take for granted how hard he works every day.

Go one step further, tell someone else, go on.. tell them how great your husband is!
 Be brave, brag about him in front of your friends. What the hell, let them be jealous that he brings you coffee in bed each day, opens up the car door for you or gets up and takes care of the kids so you can sleep in a bit.

I am not crazy, I know you are busy, I know the dog just threw up something awful on the rug and there is a faint noise of water running somewhere in the house, but do it anyway. Take a moment to remember why you fell in love with him and that electric-tingley way you used to feel when you first saw him..got that?.. ok.. now go say something about it!
What?.. he's not there.. text him!
Just do it.

( Warning, if you  have gotten out of the habit it is going to feel freaky and false and he is going to be a bit confused, but keep at it, the rewards are worth it)

Doc says..
Keeping Her in Mind

It took me a long time to realize something about myself, which is that there are two things that I want from being married. First, I have always wanted to be adored. Yes, that's the word, and it's really the only word that expresses it. Second, I want to adore my bride in return. I actually realized the second thing first, chronologically, and for a long time I thought I was supposed to love without wanting anything in return; that somehow I was being a male chauvinist pig to want the adoration that I believe in the final analysis all men really want. What I didn't realize is that one doesn't happen without the other or, when it does, it's not what makes a marriage work. Altruistic love is an intensely powerful force, and selfless love moves mountains; this I truly believe. But I have also come to believe that to make a marriage all it can be the adoration must be mutual.
It isn't that you shouldn't want to be adored, it's that you can't ever take it for granted. Because it's not enough to worship your spouse. You have to show it, every day.

Want to be happily married? Try this ...
Buy her a flower, just one, when it isn't a "special day"
Trust her and ask what you can do to help, even when you're not sure that her decorating idea will look the way you want it.
Tell her she's beautiful, especially when she isn't dressed up and when she isn't expecting it.
Notice something she did for the house, for you, or for the kids, and say thank you, even though it's what she does every day.
Kiss her very softly on the cheek as you get out of bed to go to work or, better yet, as you get up early on Saturday to make breakfast.
When she least expects it, when she's doing something ordinary, tell her how sexy she looks or that she takes your breath away.
Never, and I mean NEVER, take for granted how hard she works every day.


Ok.. Maddie here... What are you doing to assure the health and growth of your marriage?
What marriage topics would you like us to tackle on future Mondays?

Divine Swine

Oh, I had just the best time making this bar towel for our small upstairs wine bar. I know I am going to have to make more for the wine cellar but until then I will have to bask in the total cute of this one. Really it was rather quick and easy with the use of the Transfer Artist Paper  and the divine images from the Graphics Fairy (link to the left).

Using photoshop I took the pig image and resized it and then duplicated  it three times and printed it on the TAP. I then cut it out leaving an itty bitty bridge of paper betwee then three pigs making them easier to place together and level.

Time to iron!
I flipped over the pig image and put it in place and then gave it a good hot ironing. ( With TAP you want a good constant heat and when the tansfer is done it is easy to lift off, if you are getting resistance try a bit more heat)

It was then time to add the words.
When I created the file in photo shop I typed in my words then used the flip function to mirror them so when ironed on the would read correctly. This is always a bit of a challange for me since I am VERRRRRRY muddled in that way.. so to be sure I always hold it up to the light and look through the back of the image..if it is readable that way I know I have it correctly oriented. Feel free to mock me now.

Iron on the wording and call it a day!

I made the towel from a bit of left over Onsburg fabric from another project and some ribbon I found in the stash but this project would be just as good with a well washed store bought  bar towel.

Want to make this project yourself??  You can with a just a bit of help from a file I have created for you to print at home. All you will need is some sort of transfer paper ( I reccomend TAP) and a towel.

You will then want to download this image
 ( Your actual version will have the words mirrored)

I have created this  file has two options for wording since I "likz" you people.  

Please feel free to download it for your own use and in exchange please leave a comment and if you have  not done so yet please ~like~  me so you can keep up with all whats new here at the Anarchy Farm!

Meet my Little Friend

EDIT: blogger has been smoking crack.. with luck there are now photos on this post.. if not... I am Veeeeey sorry.
Sometimes self care is about facing the hard facts, like my eyesight is decreasing as my birthdays increase.   A couple  some birthdays ago I woke up as a  bright and shiny freshly minted 40 year old mother/wife/visually diminished person.

 I mean like BAM! all of a sudden those tiny words I used to be able to read for Doc ( who passed 40 so long ago that it's a mere speed bump in his life - sue me. I like older guys!)  were now the size of ant scratch.  Now I need to find one of the kids to read the instructions on the back of my  bottle of Metamucil!

At first this was not so bad long as I had one of the kids around or I remembered that my reading glasses were propped on top of my head  ~ yes reading glasses, like the over 40 badge of courage~  but after a while it was obvious I was "missing" things.

"Mommy, why is there a hair growing out of you neck?".... WHATTTTTTTTT????....  to the mirror I go deciding that it must be stray hair fallen from my head. At the mirror I see nothing,  much to my relief, but then as I run my hand over my neck with horror I catch in my fingers a hair that must be 4 inches long and ATTACHED to my neck!     If you are under 40 and this has never happened to you... just you wait..if you have may I get an Amen! to how awful a moment it is. So thus entered into my life the Magnifying Make Up Mirror(s)  ..yes more than one, don't judge, it was pretty traumatic and I over compensated by a wee bit.

 I can't say this was my first flirtation with the makeup mirror. In high school I was the VERY proud owner of one that looked quite a bit like this.
Ohhhh I loved it, three views, and lighting control, sparkly blue eye shadow never looked so good or was so well applied!  But the days passed and my mirror went away with the advent of 6 children a little time to dabble in the fine art of overly dramatic eyeliner.

20 30 someting years pass and I was once again back in the market for a magnifying  mirror so I could avoid the tragic fate of wearing those tilt down make application glasses!
So enter the first, the vintage makeup mirror that hangs near my dressing table. It's old, pretty cool and I can actually see my eyebrow hairs well enough to pluck them!  I hang it on the blinds since the morning light is quite nice for doing my primping.

Sorry about the mirror smudge there.. classy huh?


Near the sink ( ok near where the sink should be, we are still remodeling and there is no sink there right now) I have a small 2x magnification wall mount jobbie that is simple but nice.

By the tub I have an old fashioned looking but brand spanking new Ikea mag-mirror that  serves it's purpose there.

Ok.. I am going to stop here since I think you get the point.

I lied.. one more.. this one is really cool and lighted. You can get this one at Lowe's 

To quoteth the Martha - Magnifying makeup mirrors, it's a good ( self-care)  thing!

Got a makeup mirror you really like?.. share it with us!  Click below where it says ~comments~

Easter Whimsy - a free embrodiery file

A lot of you saw this adorable bun bun applique on an apron I made for a darling little girl in my life and wanted to know if it was going to be for sale. Well the answer is no!...

I am going to give it to you for free!
Merry Spring and Happy Easter from Domestic Anarchy!

This is a  very easy project where the print of the fabric carries the day making it fast and easy for aprons and holiday table linen.

Hoop your stablizer
Use 505 spray adhesive to smooth your item into place in your 5x7 hoop
Lay a hoop sized cut piece of  feature fabric in place, pretty side up!
Run the first step of the file and it will lay down an outline
Trim fabric up to the outline while fabric is still in the hoop
Return hoop to machine and run satin stitch step
Your done!

I have hosted the file

It is in PES format which converts easily in all embroidery software. 
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

If you enjoy this file and want to keep up with others that I will be offering please click the ~like~ button for facebook, Google or networked blogs or use the subscribe by email button on the right side of the page. 
I appreciate your comments!  Send me photos of your finished project so I can share them here at Domestic Anarchy.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Flowering Almond - my garden

Wishing everyone a most wonderful Saturday
Now, go play in the garden!

You People Rock my World

 I just wanted to pop in to say how much I enjoy everyone's comments and personal letters to me.  You folks are just the best and make me feel wonderful even on days when the first thing that happened was that I stepped in ~something~ that the cat left by my door..{shudder}  After cleaning that up and getting the winner posted up for the contest I had a chance to check my mail to find this note..

Could you tell me who does your hair and do you get it blown out for your photos?

Self taken cell phone photo, hair and makeup up crew did not show up!

Well get back jack!.. a post about my hair... my hair.. my thinning, falling out, over 40 hair.  ~BLUSH~   I could not be more flattered. really.  In fact I was just chatting with Shelley over at House of Smiths about hair and how as mom's it's important to take care of ourselves so that we feel good and can give our best to others. She went the whole way and got some wonderful extensions ( so jealous!).. I am still in the " hair product improvement camp" and using Bumble and Bumble thickener and  smoother for my hair.

So.. while I do have a place I get my hair cut and highly recommend them ( Hair a Go* Go in Chattanooga) I am sure they would say I don't come in enough ( uhhhh 2 x a year.. and I really need it way more often) and am hard on my hair so I am flattered to pieces that anyone thinks my locks are worth asking about :)

P.s  you are right. my name is not spelled that way but I totally forgive her :)

And the winner is.....

I am so excited.. today I got to pick the winner of the Farm Fresh giveaway, so like a good little blogger I go to random.org and pull a generation for between the numbers 1 and 40.. easy enough.. it spits back number
Lucky number 13!

I count down through the posts.. getting more and more excited for the winner

and it's me


But yes!.. I had commented back to a blog poster who had no other contract info and with hopes she would see it I posted a comment to my own blog.


So let's try that again...

Drum roll please!

Number 17
Kathy H. who said:
the chicks are just the cutest. I had never heard of the Tap so will look into this. Thanks for the chance to win.

Kathy please leave a comment to let me know if you would like the pre made towel  with the chicks or if you are an embroidery machine owner you would like a copy of the collection with pre-printed TAP* images so you can get started right away

Thank you everyone for playing. I am thrilled with the response to this collection and am doing my best to keep up with orders! You people are obviously night owls.. embroidery ordering at 3am?? wow!

As a special treat I have put the collection on sale for the next couple of days for $7*. That includes the "chicken wire" file and the PDF of the three  vintage transfers that have been sized and specifically for this project.  Remember you will need TAP paper for these but I KNOW you are going to love working with that.

* for those who ordered in the past week, please let me know if you would like a $ refund to your paypal or if you would like to take a store credit.

Looking for the Giveaway?

Looking for the giveaway where you can win the pre-printed TAP images and embroiery files to go with them or your very own Easter hand towel?

But hurry, the winner will be picked tomorrow !

Remember if you already entered you can do so once a day but today is your last chance.

Thai Pork, It's what's for Dinner

Doing my best these days to make sure that I plan for dinner as I am eating my breakfast since nothing is worse than planning for dinner as you looking in the freezer at  6 7 8 pm for an evening miracle and then once again announce that you will be having omelets for dinner!

I had tonight's dinner in the bag  slowcooker before I was even finished with my Rice Krispies.

1 pork tenderloin ( both halves)
12 cloves off garlic ( yes, I buy mine pre-peeled - sue me!)
1 package Thai  sweet chili sauce

Ok.. I will be the first to say that while I like the ease of the slowcooker I could not eat all slow cooker meals so I pull mine out about 2x a month for just the right recipes, this being one. The slowcooker is perfect for keeping meat moist and a low temp and that is what this pork needs to be pullable and tender.

Ok.. this is easy peasy, put a bit of oil in the bottom of your slowcooker and then throw in the peeled garlic cloves..yes 12, they will be come VERY mellow after cooking for 6+ hours so this number is perfect.
Put in the tenderloins after removing any extra fat or sliver skin
Add 1/2  a packet of the thai sauce ( I like a medium heat sauce for this long cook process since the flavors get dulled down, we will use the remaining part of the packet at the end to brighten the flavor)

That's it!  now put on the lid and turn the cooker to med or high for 6 hours. Each slow cooker is different so if you know  yours is just tooooo hot on high make sure to use medium.  My cooker is not so hot on high so I use it at that level.

6 hours go by...
tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

Ok.. pull the pork out and let it rest on a sheet of foil. Turn off the crockpot and let the sauce cool for a bit. After the pork can be handled use a fork and " pull it"  ( rake it apart with a set of forks) and return it to the liquid. If you want now is the time to add the reserved sauce to brighten up the flavor ( I do) also add salt as needed. ( I don't cook with more salt since it tends to toughen the meat)  If I have it I will aslo add some fresh minced Thai Basil.

Hold the pork on low until you are ready to eat or cool and store in refrigerator.

We serve  this  with chopped up cilantro over Jasmin rice or in the form of a wrap using asian style pancakes

Happy Eating!

The one where we answer the question

A couple posts back I posed the question asking what Miss Mustard Seed would do with this armoire. Well not even 1 day later the dear lady posted about her new FAVORITE paint.  French Chalk Paint by Annie Solan.

So I ordered some paint in a nice Old White sort  of color and some wax.  It should be here next week.. I am very excited and can't wait to see what I am able to do with it!

A View of Anarchy

Sort of like if the  Weasley's "Burrow" was smack in the middle of urban suburbia.
 Complete with 3 levels, higgley piggley construction and a bunch a magic.

( grass view complements of Katrina's back yard, we gave up most of our grass in favor of the pool)

Pretty Knob Delima

Otherwise known as

Maddie taking the ~low road~ in home inprovement

It all started with these
As anyone in the home renovation game will tell you, knobs are expensive, nice knobs are expensive. So when you find some you like for a project you grab them especially when they are pressed glass and $7 for 4 at HomeGoods.  Well of course I needed 5 of them so had to buy two bags but that is OK since I really like them and can use the other ones elsewhere.

I love these, but the problem is this

Like many drawers these days mine has the box part and then a front panel making it double thick and thus the screws that go with most hardware do not work. This is a really an epic fail on the part of the knob makers since most drawers are made this was these days.
( honestly this is probably why these are at Homegoods for the low- low $7 for 4 price)

Now normally this is not a problem..  most often you have the knob and then the screw.. so you just  go to your handy dandy little Hardware store ( mine is an Ace) and you ask the very nice man there for a screw   umm no...   for help with your knobs    ok.. never mind.. you go find the right size new screws yourself.. it's not hard.. I promise!
BUT!  these jobbies had the screws hooked to the glass knobs.. and they were in there good.. I tried to gently pry them loose and it was a no go.  My next solution would be to take a drill with a spade bit and make an indention in the inside of the drawers so you can access a bit of the threaded part of the screw and put on the nut, but honestly it's 6 am here and I was not in the mood to go hunt in the basement for the spade bit for the drill.

So.. I took the low road.  See that glue gun in the top photo...  yes.. 
I did it.. I shot hot glue into the holes added a bit extra to the back of the knobs and shoved them in.  The excess glue plopped out inside the drawer and I just popped it off when it cooled.


As a note, the doors were not as thick so I was able to use the knobs as is and honestly since this is the guest bathroom I am not all that worried about wear and tear  so we shall see how it goes!

A Quick Reminder

You can win this  super cute Easter towel or the embroidery collection that made it by entering the contest.

You MUST comment on the original post but you can get there quick with this

In even better news I have a project version of this for those of you without embroidery machines... I really think you are going to like it and hope to have it up by tomorrow!

Feeling that Quitling Itch

Oh my... I woke up with an INTENSE need to quilt today.. and even more to learn a new technique!
Literally I remember coming awake and feeling that today I must learn something new.. I needed a new experience.. does that ever happen to you?

Well today I decided I want to try my hand at

A truly inventive way to bringing  together color, quilting and creative spirit.
 Go read the links.. soak it in while I go see what I can do with these wonderful new ideas!

I will post back here soon as I have something to show you!

Self Care Sunday - Paint those Pigs!

Today is Sunday, and for me that means taking a bit of time to take care of myself. Sunday night is for deep conditioning my hair, spiffing up my closet and painting my piggies for the coming week.

As much as I would like it I don't paint my finger nails since I am very hard on them and they get chippy in no time.. but piggie-polish.. I can keep that up for just about a week.

I was at meeting tonight and noticed that I was in sad sad need of tonight's session since I had gardened today and wearing my garden clogs had knocked two strips of polish off of each of my piggies that went to the market :-)

I am giving a try to a new polish tonight

I have high hopes that it will cover in 1 coat and last the week.  Previously I had been using OPI but the last two colors I got in OPI were not at all well covering and  I just don't have time for that!

I picked two new colors in the Insta Dry line, a nice sherbert orange color and a sexy hot pink. I am not much for the blues and greens you see these days.. but if that is your color.. party on!

Long as I am going to the trouble to polish might as well do some foot scrub to get those feet back into sandal wearing shape.  Spring has sprung but by the looks of some of the feet I saw triping around out there today I am thinking that not everyone got the message!
 ( To the lady at Target tonight.. might I suggest that a nail clipper is more what you need than polish...eeewwwww)

Winter-worn feet will love the homemade scrub I use :

Mix together
1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of almond oil, 1/4 cup of liquid Ivory hand soap,1/4 tsp of vanilla,

store in a plastic  tub and use to buff those tired pigs and rough heel skin into a thing of Summer beauty.

Honestly if I am even to busy for the above I just use white sugar mixed with some nice lotion, it works just about as well.

It's Sunday night.. what are you doing for  yourself???

Topiary for less than your Mortagage Payment

Topiary - classic addition to a Southern front porch and I wanted some. What I did not want was the price tag.  The local up-end decorator store had them for over $200 each. While they were quite nice the idea of plopping $400 for fake faux ivy was a bit troubling.
  ( My porch is in deep shade, it's silk or nothing there, don't judge)

So I have been hunting for deal for topiary since last Summer and had still not had any luck when a bit of inspiration struck in the way of a sale at the ever so wonderful Hobby Lobby.

My first find was huge really nice ivy clusters marked down to $2.00 each ... from $12.00 each.. This I have to admit was a bit scary..why were they at this low low price?   Turns out that the little red bits on them were supposed to flocked ( fuzzy) and they came in sans-fuzz so they wanted them OUT of the store ASAP.

IVY COST $20.00

( notice red bits in the  following photos, they have since been plucked out )

 since I was going to yank those red bits off anyway this was not an issue for me so I scooped up 10 of the clusters ( which ended up as a whole cart full!) and then strolled over to the metal section for more inspiration.

In the metal work/garden section it was a 50% off wonderland and I scored a rusted metal garden trellis thing ( I am sure it has a real name) for $12. At the check-out I point out that two of leaf details were missing and she knocked off another 20%
 ( You got to love that about the Hobby Lobby)

TRELLIS COST - $ 10ish

This is where I should be showing you a photo of said metal piece but I did not shoot a photo of it ( sorry)

Ok.. time to put this thing together.

First step was hauling the very dirt filled urn form the side of the house were is was holding dead over wintered flowers that I forgot to water ( we are classy like that)

 ( back when I got it 3 years ago, $20 at HomeGoods)

Since it already had dirt all I did was top is with moss and wedge in the trellis  nice and tight.

The moss is one bag of American Moss from Hobby Lobby ( used my coupon for that)

Next I started putting in the bunches of ivy around the base, I ended up with 4 around and two in the center that I used to start the ivy-climb effect up the trellis.  With the other bunches I cut out the long vines and used them to twine up the structure and used the shorter bit to fill out the base.

A bit of fluffing and twisting and I was all done!

Moved it to it's new home by the front door where it will live happily ever after for this season*.

So.. for those counting
$20 in ivy
$10 for trellis
$2.50 for moss
Free-ish urn

$32.50 for total project
a price I can live with!

* a mama bird is already scouting out an area for a nest.. so sweet

I {heart} this Guy

Dude, you totally rock my world!

Thanks for 15 great years ( and 5475 nights!)



Farm Fresh is Here!...as well as a giveaway!

Edit: please note, the winner has been picked and this contest is now closed. Please join me for other contests by clicking on the banner above to be directed to the newest blog content and contests.

I am giddy, really I am..  I am so excited about this new project collection

Farm Fresh is what happens when you take wonderful vintage images and add unique machine embroidery to them. Really it's quite amazing.. the chicken wire looks so real it begs to be touched.. freaky really since who would want to wipe their hand with chicken wire?.. But no worries this is soft and fully washable, including the transfer images!

A BIG shout out to the Graphics Fairy for the wonderful chicks image..  Could they look much sassier there in their little wire pen?

Here is the wire file close up... nice and wirey huh?..uhhh huh!
The file comes with the 3 images, chicks, bunny, mama chicken.

I really can't say enough about the transfer paper I am using for this project

Really... you don't know how wonderful it can look until you use this stuff!

Look at the detail on Mr. Hare here ( go on click.. I dare you !).. that has been printed on washed Onsburg.. the detail and hand are amazing making this a wonderful easy project that looks like it took OH so much longer ( we like that!)

All the details about the collection are at my storefront

But I know what you want...

You want a GIVEAWAY!!!!
so here goes!

Starting now and until the end of next week I will be taking comments on THIS post for submission to win a free copy of this kit or a Farm  Fresh Tea Towel of your very own.
The kit will include the chicken wire embroidery file ( delivered by e-mail) and

5 per printed TAP images of the files that are included digitally with the design project kit. ( delivered by snail mail)

Now if you don't happen to be a lucky owner of an embroidery machine or one that has the ability to 5x7 designs all is not lost!

For you I have an adorable hand made linen tea towel with two Spring chicks.

So.. comment on this post for  chance, comment each day until the end of the week for even a better shot.

Want even more of a chance to win?  I am looking to shamelessly bump up my number of followers so if you follow me and let me know you get another chance, hows that for shameless??