4 Day Hair

Turns out that as much as I like a hot bath or shower my hair is less accepting of a daily douse of hot water and chemicals and coupled with a thyroid issue it was falling out at a rather alarming rate. At the advice from my stylist I have gone to washing it a bit less often. In fact I now go 3-4 days without washing it and have to say that it is getting easier to deal with the longer I do it.  ( It is only in recent.. and I mean Really recent history that the hair washing obsession came to be.. once a week use to be the norm not even 30 years ago)

In fact I have become a bit like the comic bit where the guy is washing the bunny  who lays like a lump wrapped in a towel and says in an exasperated voice... " I just washed my hare and can't do a thing with it!"...  I know just how he feels!

 So the first day I blow it out straight using all my skills from Blow Dry Boot Camp  ( totally, if you ever get a chance to do one of these do it.. SO worth the money!)

gads, a reverse widow's peak!

Second day is me in braids or pig tails or a flip pony tail since usually the ambient moisture has started to kink up my hair.

Obviously I was feeling very Milk-maid that day!

Day 3, time to start using the  B&B dry shampoo which then makes my hair VERY workable, with this stuff in I bet I could pull off a Don King sort of "do" without much problem but generally I choose to go Vintage.

Last night's going out to dinner hair

Day 4, if I get there ( since honestly usually by day three I am ready to wash my hair just for the experience and the full body shower without the shower cap!) I will still work with some sort of vintage hair but at this point as a  total up do since things at this point  things are getting a little freaky.

To wash 3-4 days of product out of my hair I am sure to rise it really really well in tempid water and then use a shampoo made to remove excess product an then condition like crazy. 

 I am loving my B&B hair products but am always up for hearing other recommendations... what products do  you love for your hair???


Chelley said...

My favorite is CHEAP Dove shampoo and conditioner. I buy the super duper conditioning one and use it every other day. I spend a lot on my haircuts / coloring every month and have tried nearly every expensive shampoo out there. I don't think any of them work as well on my hair as Dove. ($4.95 for a HUGE bottle at WM.) Now, if they could just make it smell as good as Aveda.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Tuesday the array of dry shampoos (even conditioners!)in the "B&B grade" section of Ulta...so many I wondered if there was a revolution I wasn't aware of. I've spent years working a combo to get away with less washings, & the only steadfast is Matrix Biolage hairspray. It's very dry/matte, but volumizing and not stiff. With a blow-out & style, I get 3-4 days. Even with bangs! I recommend Ulta.com & search "item". I find the user reviews to be informative & thorough. Though I shop in store, I always hit there first for "research." (I wrote this, then realized I was on the DA site...so Katrina's new name is Anonymous)

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

The aveda I have used didn't work well on my super frizzy curly hair. I think your hair looks good in all the pics.
~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 

Katie said...

Blow dry boot camp? I so need that, since I am the worst blow drier ever. Lately I have just been letting the curl take over. It's so much easier.