French Bird Pillow how I love theeeee

Dang!... well the sewing mojo is back in the house as can been seen!  This was a frustrating FUN pillow to make that did come with the challenge of having to remember all I knew about circles from 9th grade geometry ( Ms. Snell was right... I rue the day I spent perfecting my application of lip gloss instead of committing to memory the  formula for finding the circumference of a circle)  But after that challenge was overcome it was smooth sailing on this beauty.

The fabric is linen and the embroidery is one in my new collection which will be up for sale after BigCartel comes back up from it's tragically long maintenance nap this evening.

On the painting front I have decided to repaint the woodwork in my living room a creamy white which will be a very big change from the lichen blue that is for sure!  This is going to be  HUGE job since we have floor to ceiling bookcases, 12 foot tall mantel and 80+ running feet to dental moulding.  Now just to find the right color of creamy white - the search is on!

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