Let the Games Begin

  I really am blessed to be leading such a wonderful life getting to work as I please ( for the most part) as well as totally be here for raising and homeschooling my kids.. it's great to be sure, but it sure is messy!
That mess is what I am trying to get a bit more under control with each project that I do. So for as much as I love to craft/ sew for the sake of art I really am working towards projects that also pay back with beauty or practicality for my home.

This project meets those objectives. You see, each week my geeky little  younger boys have chess club. Which means  I have to remember to load up the chess board each week and get it over there along with them.  Getting them there is not so hard but somehow the chess board has missed the ride more times that I really feel comfortable admitting.  This was generally solved when I bought a second chess set just to keep in the car, but then the box was crushed by a wayward 50 pound bag of dog food  ( yes people this is my life).

Ah! I think. I will just make a bag for the chess stuff which includes the board, the pieces, and sometimes a timer and a rules book.  Easy enough but also time to add a bit of creative play to be sure!

I used some well washed painters drop cloth for the  fabric making sure to orient my cut so I could use the top finished edge for the  fold over for creating a drawstring casing. I then made sure I made it big enough since when making a draw string type bag for a solid object you have to have enough fabric at the top so it can gather the bag up - make sense?  And lastly I needed an image... which of course meant a quick Internet trip over to the Graphics Fairy.

While at the G.F. I searched for chess image but came up with nothing so went on to games. There were quite a few card  type images and I found this possibly freaky face that fit the bill for vintage fun.

I took the image into photoshop and added the words  but making it generic enough  for any game bag or even for some hand towels for a game night???  I then mirrored the whole mess and printed it out on my beloved TAP paper.

As you might notice there are some extra words there at the bottom. I HATE wasting part of a piece of TAP since it is not cheap. So at the bottom you will find a little label that may be tranfered to the back of your bag and you can fill it out with information on how to get your lost games back home to you!

Next... well you know the drill.. time to iron

Hot iron, 40ish constant seconds until all the image has tranered from the release paper to the fabric. Also, make sure to wait 3 days to a week to wash.. the curing time really helps the staying power of the image.

I then finished up sewing a simple drawstring  bag using two machine-made button holes for the openings. Ribbon threaded through the casing makes the tie. But if you are not one much for sewing I think that this would work just a well on a plain canvas tote like the kind you can buy at the craft store!

Want to make one like this and get your games all cleaned up?
If so here is the deal, I have created a free download file for your personal use and all I ask in exchange is a small comment about how you found Domestic Anarchy and what you would like to see more of. If you are not already a follower please do so now since...shhhhhh this is a secret.. but on a regular basis I will be having giveaways that will only be announced on FB  and networkblogs and I know you don't want to miss those do you?  Of course I will not stop having fun here..no not at all.. just doing a bit more of it over there too!

I hope you enjoy this printable
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Happy PRODUCTIVE crafting!

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