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EDIT: blogger has been smoking crack.. with luck there are now photos on this post.. if not... I am Veeeeey sorry.
Sometimes self care is about facing the hard facts, like my eyesight is decreasing as my birthdays increase.   A couple  some birthdays ago I woke up as a  bright and shiny freshly minted 40 year old mother/wife/visually diminished person.

 I mean like BAM! all of a sudden those tiny words I used to be able to read for Doc ( who passed 40 so long ago that it's a mere speed bump in his life - sue me. I like older guys!)  were now the size of ant scratch.  Now I need to find one of the kids to read the instructions on the back of my  bottle of Metamucil!

At first this was not so bad long as I had one of the kids around or I remembered that my reading glasses were propped on top of my head  ~ yes reading glasses, like the over 40 badge of courage~  but after a while it was obvious I was "missing" things.

"Mommy, why is there a hair growing out of you neck?".... WHATTTTTTTTT????....  to the mirror I go deciding that it must be stray hair fallen from my head. At the mirror I see nothing,  much to my relief, but then as I run my hand over my neck with horror I catch in my fingers a hair that must be 4 inches long and ATTACHED to my neck!     If you are under 40 and this has never happened to you... just you wait..if you have may I get an Amen! to how awful a moment it is. So thus entered into my life the Magnifying Make Up Mirror(s)  ..yes more than one, don't judge, it was pretty traumatic and I over compensated by a wee bit.

 I can't say this was my first flirtation with the makeup mirror. In high school I was the VERY proud owner of one that looked quite a bit like this.
Ohhhh I loved it, three views, and lighting control, sparkly blue eye shadow never looked so good or was so well applied!  But the days passed and my mirror went away with the advent of 6 children a little time to dabble in the fine art of overly dramatic eyeliner.

20 30 someting years pass and I was once again back in the market for a magnifying  mirror so I could avoid the tragic fate of wearing those tilt down make application glasses!
So enter the first, the vintage makeup mirror that hangs near my dressing table. It's old, pretty cool and I can actually see my eyebrow hairs well enough to pluck them!  I hang it on the blinds since the morning light is quite nice for doing my primping.

Sorry about the mirror smudge there.. classy huh?


Near the sink ( ok near where the sink should be, we are still remodeling and there is no sink there right now) I have a small 2x magnification wall mount jobbie that is simple but nice.

By the tub I have an old fashioned looking but brand spanking new Ikea mag-mirror that  serves it's purpose there.

Ok.. I am going to stop here since I think you get the point.

I lied.. one more.. this one is really cool and lighted. You can get this one at Lowe's 

To quoteth the Martha - Magnifying makeup mirrors, it's a good ( self-care)  thing!

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Katie said...

Every now and then, I find a very dark hair that's nearly an inch long growing out of my face. It seems to sprout overnight, since I check every day for these random acts of hairiness. If it were a blonde or even a grey one, I'd be ok with it, but DARK? Seriously. What. The. Heck.

BTW I am going to be 40 in 73 days. Cry with me.