Pretty Knob Delima

Otherwise known as

Maddie taking the ~low road~ in home inprovement

It all started with these
As anyone in the home renovation game will tell you, knobs are expensive, nice knobs are expensive. So when you find some you like for a project you grab them especially when they are pressed glass and $7 for 4 at HomeGoods.  Well of course I needed 5 of them so had to buy two bags but that is OK since I really like them and can use the other ones elsewhere.

I love these, but the problem is this

Like many drawers these days mine has the box part and then a front panel making it double thick and thus the screws that go with most hardware do not work. This is a really an epic fail on the part of the knob makers since most drawers are made this was these days.
( honestly this is probably why these are at Homegoods for the low- low $7 for 4 price)

Now normally this is not a problem..  most often you have the knob and then the screw.. so you just  go to your handy dandy little Hardware store ( mine is an Ace) and you ask the very nice man there for a screw   umm no...   for help with your knobs    ok.. never mind.. you go find the right size new screws yourself.. it's not hard.. I promise!
BUT!  these jobbies had the screws hooked to the glass knobs.. and they were in there good.. I tried to gently pry them loose and it was a no go.  My next solution would be to take a drill with a spade bit and make an indention in the inside of the drawers so you can access a bit of the threaded part of the screw and put on the nut, but honestly it's 6 am here and I was not in the mood to go hunt in the basement for the spade bit for the drill.

So.. I took the low road.  See that glue gun in the top photo...  yes.. 
I did it.. I shot hot glue into the holes added a bit extra to the back of the knobs and shoved them in.  The excess glue plopped out inside the drawer and I just popped it off when it cooled.


As a note, the doors were not as thick so I was able to use the knobs as is and honestly since this is the guest bathroom I am not all that worried about wear and tear  so we shall see how it goes!


Ashley said...
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Stitchfork said...
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Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

I am sooooooo happy that you did not ask for a screw or help with your knobs! Remember what happened when you asked for caulk????! :-)

Thanks for the linky button to my site. You're the best