Rain Barrel Homeschooling

Can I even say how much this kid and homeschooling rock my world?
Greg has decided that he would like to try to maintain his new garden with only collected water ( Lots of reading on ecology.) To that end he needed a collection barrel and began searching the Internet only to be knocked back by the prices which started at about $60 and went up from there. ( budgeting)

Not to be daunted he explored DIY options and weeded through multiple articles and made notes on parts he found to his liking. ( Research skills)

With notes in hand he hitched a ride with me on a trip to Lowes and  poked around to find what he needed and what fit his budget ( real world math) .  He weighed the pros and cons of trash cans based on price and size. He then went to the  plumbing department and found a spout to meet his needs and then headed up to checkout while I dithered about which  new deep freeze to buy. ( fostering independence)

Once home he took his supplies down to the workshop and drilled ( real skills, real tools) and screwed and  fitted until all was good and water tight ( proved by a 30 minute water pressure test as I was told later).

Since this photo he has hooked up a flex pipe to the drain pipe, fitted a lid with a custom top connection and installed an over flow that has been prefitted so when he is ready he can use it to daisy chain other barrels to this one.  (inovation, planning)

He scavenged the blocks to save money from an old project and is now working to level the ground so when the water is in the barrel it does not tip over.

That my friends is homeschooling!

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