Self Care Sunday - Paint those Pigs!

Today is Sunday, and for me that means taking a bit of time to take care of myself. Sunday night is for deep conditioning my hair, spiffing up my closet and painting my piggies for the coming week.

As much as I would like it I don't paint my finger nails since I am very hard on them and they get chippy in no time.. but piggie-polish.. I can keep that up for just about a week.

I was at meeting tonight and noticed that I was in sad sad need of tonight's session since I had gardened today and wearing my garden clogs had knocked two strips of polish off of each of my piggies that went to the market :-)

I am giving a try to a new polish tonight

I have high hopes that it will cover in 1 coat and last the week.  Previously I had been using OPI but the last two colors I got in OPI were not at all well covering and  I just don't have time for that!

I picked two new colors in the Insta Dry line, a nice sherbert orange color and a sexy hot pink. I am not much for the blues and greens you see these days.. but if that is your color.. party on!

Long as I am going to the trouble to polish might as well do some foot scrub to get those feet back into sandal wearing shape.  Spring has sprung but by the looks of some of the feet I saw triping around out there today I am thinking that not everyone got the message!
 ( To the lady at Target tonight.. might I suggest that a nail clipper is more what you need than polish...eeewwwww)

Winter-worn feet will love the homemade scrub I use :

Mix together
1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of almond oil, 1/4 cup of liquid Ivory hand soap,1/4 tsp of vanilla,

store in a plastic  tub and use to buff those tired pigs and rough heel skin into a thing of Summer beauty.

Honestly if I am even to busy for the above I just use white sugar mixed with some nice lotion, it works just about as well.

It's Sunday night.. what are you doing for  yourself???

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