Topiary for less than your Mortagage Payment

Topiary - classic addition to a Southern front porch and I wanted some. What I did not want was the price tag.  The local up-end decorator store had them for over $200 each. While they were quite nice the idea of plopping $400 for fake faux ivy was a bit troubling.
  ( My porch is in deep shade, it's silk or nothing there, don't judge)

So I have been hunting for deal for topiary since last Summer and had still not had any luck when a bit of inspiration struck in the way of a sale at the ever so wonderful Hobby Lobby.

My first find was huge really nice ivy clusters marked down to $2.00 each ... from $12.00 each.. This I have to admit was a bit scary..why were they at this low low price?   Turns out that the little red bits on them were supposed to flocked ( fuzzy) and they came in sans-fuzz so they wanted them OUT of the store ASAP.

IVY COST $20.00

( notice red bits in the  following photos, they have since been plucked out )

 since I was going to yank those red bits off anyway this was not an issue for me so I scooped up 10 of the clusters ( which ended up as a whole cart full!) and then strolled over to the metal section for more inspiration.

In the metal work/garden section it was a 50% off wonderland and I scored a rusted metal garden trellis thing ( I am sure it has a real name) for $12. At the check-out I point out that two of leaf details were missing and she knocked off another 20%
 ( You got to love that about the Hobby Lobby)

TRELLIS COST - $ 10ish

This is where I should be showing you a photo of said metal piece but I did not shoot a photo of it ( sorry)

Ok.. time to put this thing together.

First step was hauling the very dirt filled urn form the side of the house were is was holding dead over wintered flowers that I forgot to water ( we are classy like that)

 ( back when I got it 3 years ago, $20 at HomeGoods)

Since it already had dirt all I did was top is with moss and wedge in the trellis  nice and tight.

The moss is one bag of American Moss from Hobby Lobby ( used my coupon for that)

Next I started putting in the bunches of ivy around the base, I ended up with 4 around and two in the center that I used to start the ivy-climb effect up the trellis.  With the other bunches I cut out the long vines and used them to twine up the structure and used the shorter bit to fill out the base.

A bit of fluffing and twisting and I was all done!

Moved it to it's new home by the front door where it will live happily ever after for this season*.

So.. for those counting
$20 in ivy
$10 for trellis
$2.50 for moss
Free-ish urn

$32.50 for total project
a price I can live with!

* a mama bird is already scouting out an area for a nest.. so sweet


gag7949 said...
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Pat V. said...

This is just too cute and the price -- fabuloso!