What would Miss Mustard Seed Do?

crap-a-licious night time  photo attributed to yours truly

While I have been working on our porch and wicker revitalization project ( more on that soon) I have been thinking about what to do with this piece. One of the PIA's joys of owning an old house is the stunning lack of closet space. It seem that in 1900 people did not own outterwear, boots or  23 some purses. Thus they needed no place to put them.
So while my house is large I am still always on the lookout for ways to hold our stuff as opposed to our fall-back method of just piling stuff up on chairs and tables.

This piece came from a  super wonderful local shop, The Insyde Outsyde Shop here in Chattanooga. It is a bit long in the tooth and has a rather amazing crack down the side but I got a screaming good deal on it ( thanks Victoria!) and love calling it my own. 

What I have never grooved on is the wood tone. You see I am just not a ~wood~ girl.  Don't get me wrong.. LURVE my wood floors, I love trees even.. but give me  painted surface with real aged detail and I am yours before the first paint drip.

So with a bit of inspiration from the painted queen of it all Miss Mustard Seed herself I have decided to paint this baby and really make it my own.

Now... how to paint it is the question...  I am surfing for inspiration tomorrow.

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