Who I am

To know me you need to know where I am from -
I am from pretzels, peanut butter cookies and good cheese.
                                      I am from old furniture, chippy paint and soft summer nights.
 I am from the pink blush rose, the wild frayed peony
I am from pajamas on Christmas Eve and wild raucous laughter.
I am from the messy and the deeply passionate
From stubborn and the overly dramatic.
I am from the chalice and the cross and all the points between.
I'm from the wind swept plains, pasta and thick fruit pies.
From the place where you could find a snake on your font porch, tornadoes were exciting and you spun in circles under the skies that turned that queer shade of green that meant a bad storm was rising.
I am from pictures and memories in a small box that tug my heart strings till they ache yet I go on living anyway.
Now you know me

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Katie said...

You are awesome. That is all.