Who's the Boss?- Towel Embossing

The bluebird of happiness lives in my  guest bathroom!

I get a lot of questions about different  towel embroidery techniques and how to pull them off so they look just like the towels from the high end stores and I am happy to share!  Embossing is one of my favorite ways to get that big dollar look with practically no sweat on your part when machine embroidering.  The key to this technique is a wildly large thread collection     matching your thread to your towel in such as was as to make it look like part of the towel was carved away to make the image or monogram.

You will also want to buy or design specifically for embossing since the underlayment of stitches is just as important as the top layer in this technique.  In this original design I knew I wanted to do a simple but graceful bird since this was a repeated motif in my guest bathroom. I created the design just for embossing  by playing with the positive and negative space of the bird, the towel and the ring around the bird. 

While not as impressive on camera I have to say that I cannot get over how full and nice this design feels in the area around the bird inside the ring.. very plush even after a couple of washings and  some serious abuse by my children. For the next set of towels I have increased the  width on the circle for a bit more dimension and after I am totally happy with it  I will have the file up for sale in my Fresh Thread Store.


  • I always wash and dry my towels 2x before embrodiering
  • Before stitching I steam the towels to re-fluff the fibers
  • Tearaway on the back and  fiberous washaway on top
  • I don't hoop towels, I pin them to the stabilizer ( sticky paper can pull loops free)
Happy Stitching!


Stitchfork said...

Love embossing towels! Love your bird and the way it goes outside the circle.
xo Cathy
ps...I'll take salted caramel over chocolate any day!!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

I love that design... where did you get the design from?
~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva