You People Rock my World

 I just wanted to pop in to say how much I enjoy everyone's comments and personal letters to me.  You folks are just the best and make me feel wonderful even on days when the first thing that happened was that I stepped in ~something~ that the cat left by my door..{shudder}  After cleaning that up and getting the winner posted up for the contest I had a chance to check my mail to find this note..

Could you tell me who does your hair and do you get it blown out for your photos?

Self taken cell phone photo, hair and makeup up crew did not show up!

Well get back jack!.. a post about my hair... my hair.. my thinning, falling out, over 40 hair.  ~BLUSH~   I could not be more flattered. really.  In fact I was just chatting with Shelley over at House of Smiths about hair and how as mom's it's important to take care of ourselves so that we feel good and can give our best to others. She went the whole way and got some wonderful extensions ( so jealous!).. I am still in the " hair product improvement camp" and using Bumble and Bumble thickener and  smoother for my hair.

So.. while I do have a place I get my hair cut and highly recommend them ( Hair a Go* Go in Chattanooga) I am sure they would say I don't come in enough ( uhhhh 2 x a year.. and I really need it way more often) and am hard on my hair so I am flattered to pieces that anyone thinks my locks are worth asking about :)

P.s  you are right. my name is not spelled that way but I totally forgive her :)

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carol said...

I think if you lived in my town, we'd be best friends. Maybe on my next trip to my Dad's in Monterery TN, near Cookville, I could head down and we could go to lunch. This July trip to just to packed with stuff to do. I'm going to Salt Lake, the to Monterey for my step-mom's birthday and then to Evansville In for the International embroidery conference. Hey maybe you should come to the conference 14 July - 16 Jul. there is a Yahoo group too.

Carol from MN