Anarchy Rising

Dear all, sorry to go MIA, but as many of you know I live in the heart of the South, Chattanooga tn and we along with the surrounding areas have been devastated but a massive cluster of tornados that ripped through our area all day Tuesday. My family and myself are safe and sound but without power.

I have finally been able to get out to a wifi hot spot so I could make bigger contact with all of you. For more coverage as I am able please join my Facebook profile since that I can up date by smart phone on that account.

I have so much to say and so little time to do it, and have even resorted to pen and paper to to capture my thoughts so I can share them with you in the coming months. The local devastation is heartbreaking, the courage of many uplifting and the base humanity of others breaks my heart. Think good thoughts for all and I will check in as I can.

Currently they believe that we could be over a week with no power. Leaving our home is not an option due to pets that need care and it breaks my heart to say this but we have already been encountering looters and scam artists.

So for now it is cold showers, making pancakes on the out door grill and living by the light of outdoor solar path torches that have been repurposed into indoor lighting solutions at night and washing our clothes by hand and setting up more clothes lines. Ah the glamour!

Till next time... Maddie, the D.A. Learning lessons,left and right.


Stitchfork said...

Thinking of you and sending good thoughts and prayers for you, your family and neighbors.
xo Cathy

carol said...

Sorry to hear about no power, but think of all the things you can be doing, without the distraction of power. Stitching by hand, games with the kids, lovin' the Husband by candlelight.