Anger Managment - It's pising me off!

Some things just piss me off and some things I just think are funny, this one HAS to be the best monster-hybrid of the bunch.  For WEEKS now I have been employing techniques to get my email under control, I am mean really, I get like 200 emails a day not counting those that go directly to the spam filter.

I have moved all my lists to digest, I am employing first responder technique to those emails I have to answer ( get in, do your job and get out, no chit chat!) with hopes of it leaving time for those whom I do want to talk with, like my sweet blog commenter's!* I have been marking spam left and right and hitting them button to get off of trash email lists which bad bad blogging companies sell my name to (SHAME ON THEE!).

To a great degree this has worked with one (mighty and somewhat hilarious if it did not piss me off so much) exception.  Three times a day I get an email from  Dr. Richard Phifer and the NATIONAL ANGER MANAGEMENT  ASSOCIATION  with him wanting me (oh SO special me) to come to his seminar for professionals.(yeh you can laugh now) 

 I have NO freaking idea how I got on his list but I want off.  I have asked nice, I have blocked his address only to have his ads come in under another email. I have spun hexes and made a little Dr. Richard Phifer voodoo doll. Nothing has worked and  if I was not laughing so hard I might put  fist through me screen right into his precious anger managment seminar invitation. Ironic, no? Funny, yes!

** Darlings, I love responding to each of you in person when you are so kind as to leave a comment on the blog but if you have not enabled your e-mail in your Google or blogger settings it is near impossible for me to write you back and that makes me SO sad.   So please do so and we will talk soon! 

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