Bee your Best

It seems that my youngest (9) has been bitten by the spelling bee bug. While these bites are most often found on  traditionally schooled children it seems that the home schooled variety of child  is not immune to them, so off I go deep into learning about the wild and somewhat woolly world of the Scripts National Spelling Bee System.

This year's local level events are over so at this point we are looking towards the 2012 events which will actually being in August of this year with the sign ups and publication of the new lists and any rule revisions. Locally I am scouting out what we will need to do to make sure Sam is able to participate since this is one very rule bound organization so I must have all my "I's dotted" and  "T's  crossed" it seems.  NOT something I am normally inclined to do. Heck I leave forms blank all the time if the question is too nosey or pisses me off, but it seems in this case that would be a bad move and get my little speller tossed out from even having a chance to compete.

Sam is a natural speller, I am a naturally bad speller, so once again homeschooling is taking me in directions that I never thought I would go. This is probably a good thing but it still feels really weird not to mention in my reading so far I have read a whole bunch of stories of ill behaving students and parents at these events and that does concern me a bit.

 So what say you?.. What is your experience with Spelling Bees?.. Good, Bad or indiferant  indifferent?

Spell "Ironic" 
.....  M a d d i e   s p e l l i n g   a n y t h i n g

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