Creativity as a Tool - Summer Nights Necklace- Tools on Tuesday

Nothing makes a week go faster than a topical appointment .. it's Tuesday again so we are talking tools. This time I am putting a spin on it since they "tool" I want to talk about this time is creativity.  I really believe that we are all born creative and that due to time and circumstance some of us loose touch with that part of ourselves. It's not gone, more like buried ( not un-like my missing pinking shears.. I know they are here.. but where is a question I can't seem to answer right now!)

Finding  and tapping into your creative side (should it be lost) can be a baffling challenge for some. I know this because I get a LOT of questions and  comments on the topic both on the blog and in person. The questions comes in many different forms with most being brewed down to some form of " how did you think that up?"

This is at best a difficult question to answer, and not because I don't want to share, more because pulling you into my ADHD brain is one messy piece of work. Not only that, but because it works different for each person so one persons process cannot and should not be judged against another.  Let alone not every one's creativity is focused in the same direction or in the same style. I mean I can personally rock a lot of different forms of creativity but musically I am a total goon. My musical ability extends to tuning in a radio station and singing off key. Totally different for Son17 he lives, eats, breathes music off all sorts. He listens widely and plays like a Hendrix-style wildcat.. it blows me aways and it's his creativity bearing fruit.

His process is just as entailed to talk about and when he talks to me I just nod my head a lot since I dont' get a bunch of it but I can see it lights his fire to talk about it and share it. Of course it's best shared with others who understand his language at least to some degree and when he and music friends sit and talk I see energy rush back and forth between them.. so cool, so creative.

The same can be said for those who find their creative spark in crafting/decorating etc....  When I am with a group of ladies ( and men) who are so inclined the ideas just fly.. they buzz around like fireflies gaining light and energy with each new thought tossed out there. That sort of support of the creative process is so important but just getting to the point where you feel justified in your creativity can be hard and scary for some.

I had this topic in mind when I was inspired to create a  project for a new class that I will be offering locally ( Chattanooga- if you happen to be close!) and I did a bit of mental note taking during the process.

( This is a stream of action  more than a real tutorial but feel free to groove on it that way if it works for you!)

Some time about a week ago I started thinking about classes I wanted to offer in my new studio ( eek! yes, bean spilling time.. it's coming this Summer!) and as I jotted down notes I doodled a small flower..I love me some flowers. but I bet you caught on if you have been reading this blog for any amount  of time.  The flower reminded me of a hair clip I had seen some where out in blog land but they had done it in felt and I have been thinking a lot about leather of late ( no idea why!)

O.K.. with me so far?...flower + leather, still thinking classes for the new studio ( eek!).. Also wanting a certain amount of green-friendly crafting it the mix so this leads me to think about sources of leather... *ping*.. old purses.  The bain of thrift stores every where.. lots and lots of purses. Most in themselves sort of ugly, but many leather and many in some cool colors.  Ok.. flower+ eco leather.. ideas are brewing and this means I have to drop everything and run to thrift store and dig through a HUGE pile of purses .. thinking.. FLOWER.. thinking...ohhhhh necklace.. lots of options but I promise to only buy 1 and it must be a 70% off (green tag).. this limits my selection but I love a challenge... and I come up with this.

Robin's egg blue, small but super soft leather and at 70% off.. it's $1.05!   SOLD!  ok.. eco leather + flower = necklace. Got the bag, rip it open, get rid of much of it and salvage usable leather parts.  Ok.. flowers, how do I want them to look?..ohhhh think- think.. I have a machine ( Acuquilt Studio) that will cut stacked flowers... so I do that, but know that this could also be done by hand and even try that out.

Ok.. got my flowers and I start messing around with them.. stacking them up.. adding beads, trying out charms, just testing .. playing.. seeing what I like. I think about construction, support and since I want this to be a class in the end, how easy this project will be to replicate for my students.  While I am quite happy how things have gone this time there have been many projects that have died a grizzly craft death before this point so I try to stay open to change.

I glue up the flowers, stitch on the beads and then hunt in my stash for more chain, and grommets. I set the grommets with this wonderful gadget.. The Silent Setter by Provo  ( the reviews are oddly bad for this but I have had mine for years and LOVE IT)

Added some chain and though about how to make this more interesting and borrowed some French General jewelery ideas to come up with a rather fun off center look and front connection with two charm drops for added interest.

So there you go.. that is how I came up with the Summer Nights Necklace. Oddly writing it out has totally exhausted me but the actual process was a creative blast. So if you want to get in touch with your creative side.. and you live in the Chattanooga Area, drop me a note here or at and get on the mail list for this event.  There will be only 20 invitations to this creative event so make sure to get your name on the list if you want to come and dig for your own creative spirit! 

Otherwise dive deep into your own creative pool and see what you find in there. Don't be afraid of a craft fail since it's also part of the process.

Next time I think I will talk about stocking your creative pantry- what makes for spontanioius crafting success.


Audrey Pettit said...

What a gorgeous necklace, Maddie! I think it's SO beautiful! Wish I lived in your area. :)
And I so agree with you about being creative. Whatever it is you do, the process of creating something from hand always grounds me.

Unknown said...

What a fantastic creative journey you went on. Great job and the necklace is just beautiful. I have never heard of a Acuquilt Studio but if it can cut through leather I am impressed. Again just beautiful!!

Thank you so much for linking up to Strictly Homemade Tuesday. I hope to see you back next week and take us on another creative journey!!

Unknown said...

Such a creative idea for a post, and I love the necklace. I too wish I lived close enough to come create with you! Can't wait to see the product of 20 creative spirits working together!!