Down Yet Another Rabbit Hole

I swear.. I really am rockin' the A.D.D pretty hard these days.  At the best of times staying on task is a challenge for me  but these days with so many cool ideas in my head... lord,y lor... hey.. is that  an orchid??

Well why yes that is an orchid in a charming little chicken wire basket ( insert action of Maddie patting self on back).  Have I mentioned my love of chicken wire?.. Really for a women with no chickens I have an awful lot of it, and it still thrills me to find  a vintage basket or bin covered in it's wiry glory.  What does not thrill me is the price of chicken wire items these days.  With the wire riding high on the trendy crest at this moment most CW items are fetching a pretty steep price so when I came upon the idea of making my own CW baskets I was ALL OVER ( "all over" being French for, dropped what I was doing an started another project) the idea!

Yes, folks.... I made that little orchid basket with my own two little hands and I could not be more thrilled with how it came out.  I was inspired by another blog ( please if you know  which blog it was let me know) in which she  was also playing with the whole, " Lets make it ourselves and save a big chunk of change idea" and I  used the basic idea to make my own little chicken wire masterpiece.

The supplies in this crafty drama are not all that hard to find but you might not recognize then in their street clothes. Our first victim item was a bit elusive till I honed in on what to look for since it spends it's time masquerading as a rather tacky little plastic covered basket from the $1spot at Target.

There he is in all of his day glow green glory.  But like most stars he is going to have to get naked before breaking into the big time

Looking better already! And although he is looking pretty handsome there in the buff we are going to have to dress him up. Now  enter our second player, chicken wire.  I happened to have a roll left over from another project but small rolls can be found at your local hardware store for as little as $4.

This part is pretty free form since you just start my laying the wire form on the wire and  cutting the whole mess to size making sure to leave enough overlapping the sides so that you can use those bits to secure it to the frame.

My tool of choice was a small pair of jewelery making wire snips which made it easy to get into the smaller places.  I also used needle nose pliers for grabbing the bits and wrapping them around the wire base form.

Snip, snip, bend, snip, clip and 15 minutes later I had a wire basket!  To assure that it was not going to poke anyone I ran my hands over the outside of the basket feeling for any poky bits. When I found them I used my pliers to tuck them in or clip them off.

The rest of the project was pretty fast and easy. When I had found the day-glow green basket the $1 Spot was also featuring these little plastic pots, 2 for $1 and they were just right for setting inside my new chicken wire beauty. 

 I knew I wanted to do a silk orchid in this and  the height was an issue in tipping over the pot so I filled the blue pot with gravel for added weight an inserted the orchid stem. I used Spanish moss around the outside of the pot and on the top. When it was all good and stuffed I shot it with a generous shot of hairspray to keep it neat and tidy,  or at least as neat an tidy as Spanish moss can be.... what a mess I made while pulling it out the bag!  In the end I think it was worth it :)

I decided to stay natural with my basket but I suspect that some rust spray or a bit of other antiquing medium would look wonderful on any chicken wire project.  If you do one send me a picture and I will post it up here!

Now.. where was I.....

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LustCorp.Com said...

That's an awesome basket. I would love to have them for bare-rooted orchids.