Get Your Ruffle On - Tools on Tuesday!

French Market bag by Moi!- Come make on at one of my Summer classes!

This post is for all the sew-girls ( and guys!) out there.   Let's talk about the Ruffler Foot - my pick for today's handy tool in the sewing room.

I admit it .. I love ruffles, loads and loads of them.. from lacy to shabby I think they add a fun and festive touch to a bunch of projects but making them can be a bit tedious unless you are blessed with one of these.

This Victorian looking contraption is a ruffling or pleating foot and they are made for all brands of machines but are not totally interchangeable between machines so make sure if you are getting one to get just the right version for your particular machine!

Once you have one you are off to the races making loads of loose casual ruffles  or if that is not your style how about tiny pleats with military precision.. this foot can do it all. The only down side to this attachment is the price. Starting at $100 they are  a bit steep but worth saving up for!  As a less expensive but not quite as precise option you can look at a gathering foot for your machine. Check out some great little videos HERE to see the other options for fancy footwork at your machine!

Of course the cheapest option is of course the sew and pull method which while mostly effective will make you scream in furry if the thread breaks when you are half done with your gathering. So if you use this method take sure to use a heavier type thread!

For those with a Ruffler or inclined to get one there are unlimited numbers of projects you can do with them all by just adjusting the  the pleat repeat number and fine tuning with the stitch length.  From casual ruffles to those knife tight pleats my head spins with ideas!

Tune in tomorrow for the most marvelous $2 bag that will be the hit of your Summer wardrobe and the perfect way to get comfortable with your ruffler attachment!  With a little luck  I will also have a video for you if this weather simmers down and I can out from under this Tornado Watch. Until then.. you can find me in the basement :)

Do you have a ruffler? Do you use it?  What would help you the most when it comes to this tool?


Chelley said...

I have a ruffler, but have not had a tremendous amount of luck with it. I haven't tried pleats and would be interested in knowing more about that. I've also had trouble gathering while attaching to another piece of fabric. I don't know how to estimate how long a finished ruffle will be. Thanks for the info! :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Well, I have a machine, but I'm not too handy with it. I have to admit to mostly stitching paper with it for my cardmaking and scrapbooking. ;) Definitely don't have a ruffler........but you're making me wish I did. Your bag is just gorgeous. All that fabric makes me swoon.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on adoring ruffles. I have trouble in estimating (guestimating) how much fabric (flat) I need to end up with a fixed length of ruffle. Either I have too much (wasted fabric) or even worses, too short a ruffle! Any ideas?? Lynn in Manassas

Jamielyn said...

I love love ruffles too! Ruffle foot makes it so much easier!

Can't wait to read more of your blog! :)

I ♥ Nap Time

Dear Lillie said...

Ohhh! I didn't know you could do pleats with that special foot. Now I think I want to get one! (I didn't really see the need before). I love pleats even more than ruffles but they are such a pain so I normally just stick with ruffles! Thanks for sharing.