Giving the Girls a Lift - Self Care Sunday

Time for a little girl talk ( not like I think a lot of guys are reading this, but this is for the girls).  How is your bra fitting?  Does it really support your breast tissue? Does it make an attractive line under your clothing?  does it hurt? droop?, pinch? pull? Are you wearing a bra that is caring and complimentary to your figure?

The fact is that if we are to believe the statistics over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Just casting a critical eye about when in public I would say that is pretty correct and maybe a bit low, in any case knowing how to fit a bra can go a long way to looking and feeling better. A well fitted, well shaped bra can take 5-10 pounds visually off your figure. Got your attention now?.. thought so.

I run to the move curvy side of the spectrum ( 40 DDD) but improper bra fit spans from A-Z cup when it comes to size so it is worth everyone taking note and learning why it's important to get good fit. 

A REAL bra fitting is worth it's weight in gold. You want this done by a certified bra fitter. These can often be found at large department stores  and speciality shops like and Intimacy*.
Taking in account your size and breast shape goes a long way into picking the right style bra that meets your needs both visually and support wise. After all, we want pretty as well as support!

Before you go bra shopping evaluate your wardrobe,  the types and style of shirts you wear the most will dictate a lot about what style of bra you buy.  Yep.. there are different styles of bras, in fact well over 20 of them each styled for different attributes when it comes to support and line under your clothes.  Make sure to at least take a sample of the types of shirts you want to wear with your new bras.  This was a hard lesson learned for me when after selecting some new bras last time I found out that they did not flatter the scoop neck t-shirts that I favor wearing  ( bra straps showed unless I tugged and pulled at the shirt.. total pain!)
Learn your Demi from your Balconnette here - CLICK

If you have a local place for good bra fitting  you are a lucky gal!  I had to drive to Atlanta and go to Intimacy for the privilege. While the over all the experience was positive and I came away with some great bras I am going to give you the lowdown so you will be prepared since there were some things that unnerved me.

Do yourself a favor, wear good clothes,put on your makeup and feel good about yourself before you go. The three-way mirror is a harsh mistress that shows all the bumps and sags of age, this can be a little hard on the self image. Just remember you are there for a purpose.

If you don't like your fitter ask for another one. Some of them can be quite pushy.

If you just want 1 bra don't feel bad or let them guilt you into more than you can afford. On this note, it is not out of the ball park for pay $80-$100 for a good bra so be prepared. In fact tell them your budget ahead of time, it will save their time and yours.

Their bra wash is quite nice but don't feel bad if you don't want it, just smile and say " no thank you" ( you might have to do this 2-100 times)  On the 101th time you have my full permission to say " I don't want any of your freaking over priced bra bubbles"!!!!

If they insist on pushing matching undies and you don't want any.. just tell them you prefer to go "commando" that should shut them up :)

I will say that the upside to Intimacy is that they have  bras up to size 52 K... that is a whole-lotta woman and a very hard bra to find so well worth putting up with their somewhat bra-riffic attitude.

But what if your location or your bank account don't support a trip to Intimacy or other such store...what to do?  If in the normal range of sizes you can actually find some nice bras at even Target these days. Just remember these couple of tips.

The bra front should touch your chest wall, if it does not the cup size is too small
You should not over-floweth your cups, depending on the bra style your ladies should be happily covered in fabric or lace.
90% of bra support should be in the band, if you feel tugging on your shoulders your band is not supporting your breast tissue. Try a tighter fitting or smaller band size . With a well fitted bra your nipple should  be at about arm pit height unless you are VERY well endowed.

And the BIGGEST and best tip I learned for getting fitted.  Buy a bra that is just a BIT tight when on the largest bra hook setting. Fabric stretches, your new bra will stretch out by the end of the first day you wear it. If it only fits well on the tightest hook then you have no way to make it tighter as it stretches over time. A snug bra is a supportive bra! 

Take a friend as a bra runner, that way you don't have to keep getting redressed to go out and search up more sizes and styles. Yes in theory there should be a sales person... but if you ever find one let me know :)

Want to read more?  try this piece by Jacquie Severs  After that, go buy a new bra and let me know how it goes!


fairyrocks said...

Interesting Girls have been the subject of joking by me many times. I personally hate bras, but out of kindness to the general public, I do wear them. LOL
Very helpful tips, Bras are kinda like the snowflakes, everyone fits differently.
I am now humming that kids song 'do your ears hang low, do they wobble too and fro, can you tie em in a knot can you tie em in a bow' (substitute boobs for ears) you get the picture LOL Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Maddie, this is a great topic. Having advised many many a physical therapy patient about a proper bra fit, and the positive impact upon the biomechanics of the upper spine and neck, I have had the pleasure of women not only reducing their orthopedic aches/pains, but experiencing the added benefit of improved self image and thus posture improves as well.

Dare I say the O word?, You know who I mean? She has a fabulous article/video about this topic. It has re aired frequently since it is such an important women's health topic.

I also heard from several patients, that if you go up stairs to Intimacy become better educated, purchase one or two bras; then head downstairs to the discount store for additional purchases. Is this still true?

Lisa F :)

Chelley said...

I wholeheartedly agree! I got fitted for the first time a few months ago. I was shocked to find out I needed to go up 2 cup sizes. I'm much more comfortable now!