I Get Around

Photo Credit to the wildly wonderful Kathy

Well there you go... for such a homebody it seems that I really do get around. In fact it seems I can be seen from coast to coast on this years Handi Quilter truck which goes to all the big regional quilt shows and stores. 

I previously had hopes of getting to pose with "myself" ( yep I am that geeky) when the truck came to my local quilt store that sold the machines but I am very sorry to say that they ( Lavender and Lime) is going out of business so I shall just have to admire the truck from afar  in photos like this one which was taken by darling Kathy who is one of the other faces you will see smiling down from the side of the truck. ( She is on the other side)

For those looking I am the 5th photo from the left or 7th from the right.. take your pick :)


Anonymous said...

you are so big and powerful!

Ashley said...

We could always photoshop in stand beside....you.

Stitchfork said...

Keep on truckin'! Love it!
xo Cathy

Mimi said...

Obviously I don't get around fast enough! I missed this someway. I am so sad that Lavendar Lime is going out of business. My sister in law goes there quite often and I have been so envious of the materials she comes back with. I am 65 miles south of her. She is about 60 miles south of Chattanooga. I did so want to go there someday. I know you are sad, too.