I'm too Sexy for my Tools - Tools on Tuesday

HI, I 'm Maddie and I am addicted to tools, really I am. I love them. I love them so much that I just got a super fantastic new tool that I am going to tell you about next week ( yep, I am a tease) but for now I wanted to chat about tool boxes and what's in them.

I am currently basking in the glory of this wonderful tool tote by Custom Leather Craft. This is no girly pink sissy set up. This is a real bag for real work. Since while I might be all Agent Provocateur in the bedroom I am totally Mike Holmes when it comes to using the right tool for the right job.

Doc has a wonderful big workshop filled with tons of tools which he is more than gracious about me using (and I do.. hello new Drill Press!). This bag is more of my in the house go-to bag for fixing things around the Anarchy Estate or getting into a bit of DIY mischief by myself. this bag has to do soem serious work but it is not the be all end all of the tool world. Pretty much the basics.

I admit to a bit of concern when out there in blog-land I see high heel shoes being used as hammers and butter knives being used as screwdrivers. I mean I know we have all been there... can’t find the screwdriver and want to get the handle off the drawer.. I get that. But an astounding number of people  don't even have the basics and I think it might be because it can be confusing to know what to buy! You get to the tool department and start looking around, the tool guy comes over to help and you feel totally stupid that you don't even know what to ask for!

We’ll be brave dearheart... you will be a tool goddess before you know it! I am going to list some of the best tools from my bag along with some extra resources for picking certain items.
In no particular order:

Hammer - sort of like in the 3 Bears, not to big, not to small, just right. 13oz or 16oz size is best.

Ratcheting screw driver - skip the cheapies get a Kobalt with positive lock and bits in the handle.

Pliers- needle nose type and 2 pairs of classic style. Why two? Often you need two pairs when you are trying to hold something steady with one hand an unscrew with the other.

Locking pliers (vice grips) Super helpful when your hand strength is not up to the job

Bolt cutters or wire snips- no more bending wire back and forth a million times to break it off! ( Come on.. you know that is how you did it last time!)

Allen Wrench key set- most Ikea furniture is put together with this sort of screw as well as the release to get your disposer unstuck after you grind up that eco sponge ( just sayn'), you will need them some day, I promise

Small hack saw - cut trim, dowels etc

Small container putty and spackle - be smarter than me and put the little containers in a zip lock, they last much longer than way!

Felt chair bumpers - 101 uses ( going to have to do a blog post of these someday!)

Furniture mover glides - for either wood floor or carpet, or both if that is how you swing.

Tape measure – a big one and a small one

Safety glasses – get some good ones that are not not for guys or geeky and you will be happy to wear them!

Sanding sponge or paper - I have both but like using the sponge way more often, easier on my hands.

Caulk-In a resealable tube for all of your tub and shower needs.

Painters tape - Frog tape.. LOVE IT

Self stick paper mask - for when doing quick paint touch up and you need to protect other areas.

Utility knife and extra blades- a good positive lock model with textured handle for grip

Flat razor blades- scrap paint drips and more!

Level - classic or laser that is up to you, but to hang anything they are a must!

Adjustable Wrench – takes the place of a socket set in most cases. But really at some point you need a socket set too.

Screw gun/light weight drill (cordless) - this is not one to build a deck with but one more than able to drill a small hole in a cabinet or put together a new piece of furniture.

Tool box- big enough to hold your stuff, but not so big that you can’t get around with it or have a good place to store it.

Great tool totes?..this one is like mine but slightly updated

My favorite tape Frog Tape  (watch the video, amazing!)

Need help picking a cordless – I like this review

There you go... NOW you are ready to get to work :)

Please note that is a total uncompensated post but should the Frog Tape company like to send me a whole smack load of the stuff just to say thank you I would not turn it down!

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